Noteworthy Information
Slovak Republic works with to lead the way in citizen centricity  show on Slack

Citizen centricity, which enables people living in a country to easily opt in to government and third party services by owning and controlling their own digital footprint, is taking off around the world.

A Human-Centric Digital Manifesto for Europe  show on Slack

The digital revolution is radically changing every aspect of human life in the 21st century and it’s essential that regulators address the challenges this transformation brings. The new European Commission should look beyond digital single market issues, and focus on creating new rights-based policies and regulations based on freedom, democracy, equality, and rule of law to ensure that existing offline rights are protected online.

Our approach to innovation is dead wrong (Video: 9:48min)  show on Slack

Diana Kander talking about innovation at TEDxKC.

Moving Beyond User-centered Design (PDF)  show on Slack

Jodi Forlizzi from the Carnegie Mellon University writes 'If I could wave a magic wand, I would use it to make the HCI community move beyond user-centered design to a notion of stakeholder-centered design.'

Europe’s top court says active consent is needed for tracking cookies  show on Slack
Göran Wågström  

Europe’s top court has ruled that pre-checked consent boxes for dropping cookies are not legally valid. Consent must be obtained prior to storing or accessing non-essential cookies, such as tracking cookies for targeted advertising. Consent cannot be implied or assumed.

Data Ownership in the US Elections  show on Slack

Andrew Yang (2020 US Presidential Candidate from the Democrats): Our data is ours - or it should be. At this point our data is more valuable than oil. If anyone benefits from our data it should be us. I would make data a property right that each of us shares.

Reflections on MyData 2019 Conference  show on Slack

Empowering the individual through human-centric data governance in a world loaded with power-asymmetry: reflections on the MyData 2019 conference.

Call for Papers: Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference  show on Slack

The CPDP2020 Call for Papers is addressed to all researchers who wish to present their papers at the next Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference. CPDP is an annual three-day conference devoted to privacy and data protection. The 13th edition of CPDP will be held on 22-24 January 2020 in Brussels. Whilst a number of speakers are specifically invited by the conference, several slots remain open to application through an annual call for papers.

Vake launches a MyData Accelerator  show on Slack
Terhi Marttila  

The Finnish State Development Company Vake launches the MyData Accelerator during autumn 2019 in collaboration with the Technology Industries of Finland. We invite companies, public organisations and others to join the Accelerator – everyone who has enthusiasm and true interest in developing a MyData service or data resources as well as user validation at the end of the accelerator period. Our goal is to accelerate the development of the whole Finnish MyData ecosystem by means of peer and expert sparring.

You Don’t Want Facebook Involved With Your Health Care  show on Slack
Göran Wågström  

Big tech companies want to share data about you with your doctors.

Silicon Valley is terrified of California’s privacy law. Good.  show on Slack

Silicon Valley is terrified. In a little over three months, California will see the widest-sweeping state-wide changes to its privacy law in years. California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) kicks in on January 1 and rolls out sweeping new privacy benefits to the state’s 40 million residents — and every tech company in Silicon Valley.

How I train Facebook to work for me  show on Slack
Sofia Yan  

A data scientist way to control social media instead of been controlled.

Communication Tools for the Conference  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

A wiki page that summarizes various communication informations for the MyData2019 conference.

Community Blog: Trust-based data-sharing models  show on Slack
Ansku Tuomainen  

Trust must be integrated into all aspects of business, data sharing included. A data economy based on trust is an essential part of socially responsible activities.

Identity 2019 conference: Indigenous Data Sovereignty (Video: 41:20min)  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

The talk by Dr Tahu Kukutai is really good. Be sure to read about the Treaty of Waitangi first.
This Video will help to convey to outsiders what the Maori people understand to be giving up exactly when going online, what it is they care to preserve in this transaction (mana), how and why they want to reclaim it (taonga), and how much importance they place in using their own words in formulating this agenda (and why).

Election software used by Boris Johnson and Donald Trump caught in Facebook privacy row  show on Slack

Remember last week when I profiled NationBuilder, the election software used by both Boris Johnson and Donald Trump? Well, it turns out NationBuilder has been buying voters' data from a company accused by Facebook of vioolating its users' privacy.

The Tech Pledge  show on Slack
Berit Skjernaa  

Take the Tech Pledge and join the movement: Make tech a force for good. Created by 150 people in technology during this years Techfestival.

UK Gov request for user data from government website sparks alarm  show on Slack
Berit Skjernaa  

Privacy campaigners question urgency of move and motives of PM and Dominic Cummings

Finland’s Top Industry Strives to be the Global Leader in Utilizing Data  show on Slack
Karolina Mackiewicz  

The Intelligent Industry Ecosystem of top Finnish companies pursues growth through better utilization of data and AI, leading to tens of thousands of new jobs. Nokia, Konecranes, Cargotec, Tieto and SSAB, among others, launched today the new InDEx Programme, financed by Business Finland and the companies themselves.

'Digital' becomes a top priority for the EU Commission  show on Slack
John W.  

Today, President-elect of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, revealed the list of nominated commissioners who will constitute the new College of Commissioners of the European Union for the next five years. The least we can say is that she has set the bar very high when it comes to regulating the digital economy. None less than three commissioners have been tasked with overseeing the digital economy within the European Union: Margrethe Vestager (digital watchdog), Didier Reynders (data protection commissioner), and Sylvie Goulard (promoter of the Digital Single Market)

The Algorithmic Colonization of Africa  show on Slack
John W.  

Startups are importing and imposing AI systems founded on individualistic and capitalist drives. “Mining” people for data is reminiscent of the colonizer attitude that declares humans as raw material.

Information gerrymandering in social networks skews collective decision-making  show on Slack
John W.  

An analysis shows that information flow between individuals in a social network can be ‘gerrymandered’ to skew perceptions of how others in the community will vote — which can alter the outcomes of elections.

Privacy matters because it empowers us all  show on Slack
John W.  

Don’t just give away your privacy to the likes of Google and Facebook – protect it, or you disempower us all.

Facebook: Charting a Way Forward on Privacy and Data Portability  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

We’re publishing a white paper that sets forth five questions about data portability and privacy that we hope will help advance a global conversation.

Advertising: Real-Time Bidding vs. General Data Protection Regulation  show on Slack
Alessandro De Zanche  

As soon as 2020, the media industry could find itself with its main monetization channel shut down, yet few seem to be working on an alternative. The seeming inaction of most media owners, despite continuing and specific warnings from regulators, is dangerous and hard to comprehend.

SITRA: Open call for startups  show on Slack
Karolina Mackiewicz  

Hey #Startups! Do you have a business idea with strong mission and values? @SitraFund's #IHAN project brings startups and #investors together at #MyData2019.

Video: Meeting Snowden  show on Slack
Isaac B  

The discussions in this documentary are as relevant (if not more) as The Great Hack.

For Ride-Hailing Drivers, Data Is Power  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

Uber drivers in Europe and the U.S. are fighting for access to their personal data. Whoever wins the lawsuit could get to reframe the terms of the gig economy.

European Data Protection Supervisor passed away  show on Slack

The EU's independent data protection authority informed: It is with the deepest regret that we announce the loss of Giovanni Buttarelli, the European Data Protection Supervisor. Giovanni passed away surrounded by his family in Italy, last night, 20 August 2019.

MyData Gold Partner: Sitra  show on Slack
Ansku Tuomainen  

We wish to express our ever growing gratitude in here also to our long time supporter and partner the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. Without them the road toward realizing the MyData vision would be much harder.

Datafication and social science research in Aotearoa  show on Slack
Kaye maree  

An awesome piece of research on Indigenous Data by Dr Tahu Kukutai and Donna Cormack.

No MyData2020 conference in Helsinki  show on Slack
Karolina Mackiewicz  

As you might have already heard, there will be no Helsinki conference in 2020. Instead, MyData is going global with (at least) three regional events - one in Asia (Japan), one in Europe (Germany) and one in Africa (Kenya).

AI Needs Your Data—and You Should Get Paid for It  show on Slack

A new approach to training artificial intelligence algorithms involves paying people to submit medical data, and storing it in a blockchain-protected system.

Apple joins Google, Facebook, and Twitter in data-sharing project  show on Slack

The Data Transfer Project wants to make it easy to move data between services but be sure to read comments from Paul-Olivier Dehaye and Lasse Rouhiainen on the data-sharing project as well!

Tech Killed Privacy: Can Policy Save it?  show on Slack
Göran Wågström  

Governments need to start treating people like citizens, not consumers, and enact laws that protect citizens’ rights to privacy over a business’ right to profits.

A MyData Eco-system View  show on Slack

I was thinking about the many different components required to create a data eco-system that genuinely enables individuals and came up with the diagram described on my blog.

The YouTubers Union Is Not Messing Around  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

The move is one of the most significant organized labor actions taken by creators on the platform, and puts some actual union power behind what has thus far been a nascent and disorganized movement.

Data agency at stake: MyData activism and alternative frames of equal participation  show on Slack

Data activism has emerged as a response to asymmetries in how data and the means of knowledge production are distributed. This article examines MyData, a data activism initiative developing principles for a new technical and commercial ecosystem in which individuals control the use of personal data.

Keynote presenter: Audrey Tang (Digital Minister of Taiwan)  show on Slack
Ansku Tuomainen  

Keynote presenter at the MyData2019: Audrey Tang, the Digital Minister of Taiwan is a free software programmer who has been described as one of the 'ten greats of Taiwanese computing personalities'.

Keynote presenter: Alexander Stubb (former Prime Minister of Finland)  show on Slack
Ansku Tuomainen  

Keynote presenter at the MyData2019: Alexander Stubb is the former Prime Minister of Finland and currently the Vice President of the European Investment Bank.

Our Data Future  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

Privacy International discusses data futures, and encourages people to join their local MyData hub.

Information Bank: Ryosuke Shibasaki at TEDxTokyo  show on Slack

Found this TEDxTokyo talk from 2012 where Prof. Ryosuke Shibasaki pitches an information bank (same exact idea as a MyData operator).

Clouded data: Privacy and the promiseof encryption  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

Interesting paper highlighting the different reconfiguration of the notion of privacy taking place under various technical schemes: blockchain, multiparty computation, fully homomorphic encryption, differential privacy

Stop Surveillance Humanitarianism  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

Requiring biometric data, like iris and facial scans, sets a dangerous precedent for vital aid.

Looking Beyond Privacy: The Importance of Economic Rights to Our Data  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

Some interesting thoughts about the role of the US and China vs. other 'stronger developing countries' in respect to the use and ownership of data from an Indian point of view.

Tech companies organize two efforts to support personal data management  show on Slack

...and both are called Open GDPR. Though unrelated, the initiatives reflect some of the ways the ad and marketing industry is organizing itself around its personal data responsibilities.

Watch 'The Great Hack' Trailer  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

They took your data. Then they took control. The Great Hack uncovers the dark world of data exploitation through the compelling personal journeys of players on different sides of the explosive Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data scandal. In select theaters and on Netflix July 24.

Māori Data Sovereignty Network  show on Slack
Kaye maree  

Our data, our sovereignty, our future. This vision drove the establishment of Te Mana Raraunga as the Māori Data Sovereignty Network. We advocate for Māori rights and interests in data to be protected as the world moves into an increasingly open data environment.

Can You Put a Price on Your Personal Data?  show on Slack
Mehdi Medjaoui  

A US senator wants to oblige big tech to declare to users how much they make with personal data.

'Osaka Track' framework for free cross-border data flow  show on Slack

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday at the G20 summit formally declared the launch of the 'Osaka Track', an overarching framework promoting cross-border data flow with enhanced protections.

It's not that we've failed to rein in Facebook and Google. We've not even tried!  show on Slack
Göran Wågström  

This is an incredible article by Shoshana Zuboff, the Harvard Professor that wrote 'The Age of Surveillance Capitalism'. I strongly recommend you to read it as what she says also is related to what's being done in MyData. What she says is very much the essence of what we have to tackle.

Data Portability Sandbox Reports  show on Slack

This document is the final report on Data Mobility: the data portability growth opportunity for the UK economy, carried out for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) by Ctrl-Shift.

Paper about 'Return on Data'  show on Slack

Consumers routinely supply personal data to technology companies in exchange for services. Yet, the relationship between the utility (U) consumers gain and the data (D) they supply - 'return on data' (ROD) - remains largely unexplored.

Why paying people for their data is a bad idea  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

Paying people for 'data is a bad idea. Not only would it lure the cash-poor into selling their privacy, but it also plays into the hands of those who seek to...avoid a collective response to the increasing power asymmetries in the digital data economy'.

MyData in official documents of Japanese government  show on Slack

MyData declaration and MyData Global were introduced as an approach to personal data utilization in other countries, and it is also mentioned that MyData Japan is working to spread it in Japan.

Smart data: putting consumers in control of their data and enabling innovation  show on Slack

We are seeking views on proposals to allow the creation of innovative data-driven services, for the benefit of consumers.

Humanitarian aid in the digital age  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

I testified yesterday at the UN on 'Humanitarian aid in the digital age'. I was anxious at coming with MyData principles (framed usually for more advanced economies) and trying to apply them to the humanitarian context. Nevertheless the discussion was extremely encouraging, and there was definitely response and even demand for the idea of a bridge on those issues.

Launch of the Global Citizen Foundation  show on Slack

A foundation similar to MyData with the goal to develop digital competencies within our society, define the values that we all want to see, and work towards a digital sovereignty.

Update report into adtech and real time bidding  show on Slack

An interesting development shared by the UK Information Commissioner.

UN gives ultimatum to Yemen rebels over reports of aid theft  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

MyData-like dynamics playing out in high stakes context of famine and humanitarian aid.

Blinding Identity Taxonomy  show on Slack

The UK Parliament's Human Rights Committee on protecting the privacy of personally identifiable information.

The New Wilderness  show on Slack
John W.  

The need to regulate online privacy is a truth so universally acknowledged that even Facebook and Google have joined the chorus of voices crying for change.

Interview with Rob van Kranenburg  show on Slack

Rob van Kranenburg is the founder of the Internet of Things Council and he confirmed to come to the MyData2019 conference.

IGF2020 will be in Poland  show on Slack
Karolina Mackiewicz  

The Internet Governance Forum next year will be in Poland.

Solid chat and comments  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

A screenshot from a chat of Solid people and talks to reach out form the MyData community.

MyData in Finland's Government Agenda  show on Slack

The official english translation of the Finland's Government Agenda with several mentions of MyData has been published.

MyData Business Challenge  show on Slack
Terhi Marttila  

Develop a business concept for leading MyData company connecting data-based services with user permissions.

The Ethics of Personal Data: Human Rights, Agency Costs, Protection Rackets, and Privacy Wrongs  show on Slack

A gaping ethical dilemma at the very heart of the data protection ecosystem practically guarantees widespread privacy wrongs.

Empty Uber cabs driving pollution and congestion  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

Uber drivers get their data to analyse it and show the impact of the business model on congestion (with help from PersonalData.IO).

Knowing What Google Knows About You Is Just Not Enough...  show on Slack
Sofia Yan  

Sofia from Numbers team ( shared an article by CEO @Tammy Yang. And @Goeran Waogstroem added an article from the NY Times about 'A Brief History of How Your Privacy Was Stolen'.

Adversarial Interoperability: Reviving an Elegant Weapon From a More Civilized Age to Slay Today's Monopolies  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

Today, Apple is one of the largest, most profitable companies on Earth, but in the early 2000s, the company was fighting for its life. Microsoft's Windows operating system was ascendant, and Microsoft leveraged its dominance to ensure that every Windows user relied on its Microsoft Office suite.

New Data Economy Rainmakers: Where's My Money?  show on Slack
Karolina Mackiewicz  

Europe has the potential to become the leader of the new data economy - live stream and recording from the event is available.

The Clever Cryptography Behind Apple's 'Find My' Feature  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

An impressive encryption system, only possible through Apple's nontrivial market share in hardware.

Putting end-users in charge of algorithms: Privacy and autonomy by design - QUT Design Lab  show on Slack
Karolina Mackiewicz  

Queensland University of Technology will soon be launching Dr Monique Mann's new book Good Data - it's open source:

The MyData 2019 conference is an official side event of Finland's EU Presidency.  show on Slack
Ansku Tuomainen  

Remember that the EARLY BIRD prices are ending 16th of June.

Who has more data on you than Facebook, Google or Amazon?  show on Slack

Who is this party that knows more about you and collects more of your data?

MyData 2019 conference prgoramme launch & the Hub Finland Kickoff on 10th June 2019  show on Slack
Ansku Tuomainen  

Tune in to the Twitter livestream (@mydataorg) of the MyData 2019 programme launch and if you are in Helsinki join us in person for the celebration.

MyData Japan 2019 conference is on the news again.  show on Slack

You have to use Google Translate to read the text.

Apple launches Sign in with Apple button  show on Slack

Apple announced a new Sign in with Apple button as part of its iOS 13 announcements and is marketing this as a privacy-secure sign-in option.

MyData in the Finnish Government Agenda  show on Slack
Ansku Tuomainen  

Finland had the new Government Agenda agreed on MyData (omadata) is mentioned 3 times in the new programme.

A Tale of Two Strings: An Information Economics Thought Experiment  show on Slack

It was the best of times for data scientists, it was the worst of times for data subjects.

Questions Asked
Global Initiative to Standardize Fairness in the Trade of Data  show on Slack

'A collaboration to develop a standards framework governing the fair trade of human and personal data' - Anyone familiar with this?

MyData Open Source Projects  show on Slack

What are the most known/active open source software projects and/or communities actively developing MyData based solutions?

MyData and Competition  show on Slack

Friends, would you care to point to what you think are the most relevant documents roughly on the topic of “MyData and competition”? (This question lead to a very interesting discussion with a lot of pointers to further information.)

Job Operning at  show on Slack
Soheil Human  

Our partner has a job opening. This is a unique opportunity if you are searching for an impactful position and a great team to work with.

Challenge from Carole Cadwalladr (Video: 1:10min)  show on Slack
Ansku Tuomainen  

@carolecadwalla from the Guardian wants to find out what acutally happend inside Facebook during Brexit and US elections. And how can we make the underlying data public?

MyData for non-personal data?  show on Slack
Lasse Rouhiainen  

Another question from the AI and Big Data conference at Oxford: Could MyData be used in non-personal data for example the digital footprint of consumers?

MyData vs Self-sovereign identity  show on Slack
Lasse Rouhiainen  

What is the difference or similarity of MyData vs Self-sovereign identity? This was asked during a talk of Lasse about MyData in AI and Big Data conference at Oxford.

Looking for case studies of data governance models  show on Slack
Steve Coutts  

OpenNorth is currently leading a research project that is undertaking research on behalf of the City of Toronto, in the context of its increasing use of data and 'smart city' technologies in service delivery as well as outside proposals for future projects, including the Quayside project of Waterfront Toronto, working with Sidewalk Labs. We would appreciate your help in finding useful and informative case studies of data governance models from around the world.

Share consent with another company?  show on Slack

Does anyone know whether if there's an easy way to share consent, or rather show that the user provided consent, to another company in a safe and reliable way? There are already a few answers in the Slack discussion.

Wanted: Policy Advisor!  show on Slack
John W.  

EDRi's Brussels office is looking for a Policy Advisor to support the Policy Team on issues such as platform regulation, cross-border access to data, privacy, data retention, Artificial Intelligence (AI), copyright and data protection.

MyData view towards Web 3.0  show on Slack

What is MyData global view towards Web 3.0? This term (sometimes called 'the intelligent web') has some history challenges of misuse in vague ways in past due to not really having place to belong and marketing/biz side trying to establish it to mean different things.

Blogpost to give companies MyData guidance  show on Slack

A while back @Lasse Rouhiainen asked: 'What are the first steps when a company wants to use MyData? I would like to recommend MyData to one of my client, but not sure where to start?' I thought in simplicity this is a great question, and we might write a blogpost on this, in the spirit of “I believe in MyData - so what, what do I do now?”

Spread the Message  show on Slack
Karolina Mackiewicz  

Are you coming to #MyData2019 conference? Let's spread the message and let's be proud of this awesome event MyData Community is putting together!

How to recommend MyData to a company?  show on Slack
Lasse Rouhiainen  

What are the first steps when a company wants to use MyData? I would like to recommend MyData to one of my client, but not sure where to start?

Does somebody know what Sir Tim Berners-Lee thinks of MyData?  show on Slack

Solid (Social Linked Data) is a web decentralization project led by Tim Berners-Lee.

Gaming apps and data processing compliance, particularly in app ads  show on Slack

Does anyone have experience of gaming apps and DP compliance, particularly in app ads? (Other than the obvious, start with a privacy first approach etc.) What are the checklist items they need to be aware of getting right?

Which personal data sources would be most useful to get easily portable?  show on Slack

Here's a try for quick crowdsourcing the above question. The aim is to crate a top-20 list.

Are we open, transparent and participatory enough?  show on Slack

Teemu Ropponen wrote that he recently got some criticism from the membership about MyData Global not being transparent enough. Because transparency is one of the MyData key principles and many of the staff have some background in the open knowledge movement, this feedback stings and needs to be taken seriously. Read more about participation, planning, leading, and finance on Slack!

Please share MyData2019 message on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn  show on Slack
Ansku Tuomainen  

This year we have thrilling possibilities to reach influence on political level because The MyData 2019 conference is officially an associated event of Finland's EU Presidency!

Interpreting figure in MyData WhitePaper  show on Slack

There are some questions that I have regarding money flow between stakeholders.

Which governments or associations are committed to use MyData?  show on Slack
Lasse Rouhiainen  

Finnish government has mention it will use MyData, but wanted to know if any other governments or big associations are committed to use MyData?

Newsletter Topics  show on Slack
Ansku Tuomainen  

Have you or your organisation done something remarkable that the MyData Global community should know about?

MyData Global at RightsCon  show on Slack

A punch of people from MyData Global will be at RightsCon in Tunis, Tunisia next week and Teemu asked to retweet RightsCon-related tweets!

Can someone help me understand GoodID?  show on Slack

...and how it relates to some of the things people in the MyData community are doing?

QR codes for or personalized to your own URI  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

...printed on laptop sticker or embroidered onto TShirt/badge.

Do you have a knowledge about any big conferences, festivals etc relevant for us happening in March 2020?  show on Slack
Karolina Mackiewicz  

The spring community meeting is planned for March 2020 in Amsterdam and we want to find the best dates possible and avoid the situation where a big event happening at the same time.

If there were 7 weeks time [...] who should one try to meet with MyData agenda?  show on Slack

Focus on learning and building meaningful relationships, not in selling or money raising.