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A tale of personal data, trust and consent

Eurocities is the network of more than 200 cities in 38 countries, representing 130 million people. Here is a story on a project from Finland with MyData.

[Simple] The HyperClick Podcast (Audio: 23:02min)

Interesting podcast about clicking the "yes, I accept" by Julia Janssen. (Shared by Schluss).

Ornstein: Players to sue for hundreds of millions over use of their statistics

Lawsuit over the ownership of personal statistics and tracking data. Hundreds of Enlglish football players are taking legal action over the use of their performance and tracking data without consent or compensation.

MyData Webinar #4: Consent Mechanisms

The MyData Webinar about Consent Mechanisms is now available at and in our YouTube channel. Presenters are Jim Pasquale from the Kantara Initiative and Crt Ahlin from Datafund.

2019 Privacy Tech Vendor Report

The privacy tech vendor market continues to mature as more organizations around the world adopt products and services that help automate and streamline necessary functions for the privacy office and enterprise as a whole.

Questions Asked

Share consent with another company?

Does anyone know whether if there's an easy way to share consent, or rather show that the user provided consent, to another company in a safe and reliable way? There are already a few answers in the Slack discussion.


ConsentGrid is an API platform that helps companies automate privacy operations, respond to legal requirements such as CCPA and GDPR, and gain trust by empowering their customers.


Get to know your customers better through our instant, fully compliant and mutually beneficial behavioural data solution. A safe and ethical way to unlock the value of personal data.


Meeco gives people and organisations the tools to access, control and create mutual value from personal data is a cloud-based personal data and consent mediation platform that enables a fully transparent and trustable data sharing economy.