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個人が自らのパーソナルデータに対する権利を有することを主張する記事。この記事についてMyData Globalのスラックでは、その権利が基本的人権や財産権といったどのようなものに該当するのか、というので様々な意見が出ています。

Propriedade de dados pessoais

Razões legais, econômicas e políticas para que os indivíduos tenham direitos de propriedade sobre seus dados pessoais encadeou respostas de diferentes pontos de vista ('direitos humanos' ou 'direitos de propriedade') no Slack.

Personal Data Ownership

Legal, Economic, and Political Reasons For Individuals to Have Ownership Rights over Their Personal Data Triggered responses from different views ('baisc human rights' or 'property rights') in Slack.

Open Source Body: Small data, self-research, open humans

An exploration of individuals using their own data – with a focus on quantified self, open humans, and various examples self-research where individuals collect and use their personal data in new ways.

Open Source Body: pequenos dados, auto-pesquisa, open humans

Uma exploração de indivíduos usando seus próprios dados - com foco em auto quantificado, open humans e vários exemplos de auto-pesquisa em que os indivíduos coletam e usam seus dados pessoais de novas maneiras.

W3C Secure Data Store Standard

Specification to establish a foundational layer for secure data storage (including personal data), specifically data models for storage and transport, syntax, data at rest protection, CRUD API, access control, synchronization, and at least a minimum viable HTTP-based interface compatible with W3C DIDs/VCs.

Padrão de armazenamento seguro de dados do W3C

Especificação para uma camada fundamental para armazenamento seguro de dados (incluindo dados pessoais), especificamente modelos de dados para armazenamento e transporte, sintaxe, proteção de dados em repouso, CRUD API, controle de acesso, sincronização e uma interface baseada em HTTP minimamente viável e compatível com DIDs W3C/VCs.

Common Endpoints for Personal Data Stores

I'd like to publicly announce a new initiative that was initially started at the MyData 2019 conference: Common Endpoints for Personal data Stores (CEPS). Together with @salmanff and @Dixon we created a document for Personal Data Store (PDS) providers and App developers that will allow interoperability between PDS and using Apps across different PDS.

MyData Operator

Some interesting drawings about the different dimensions and approaches of PIMS (Personal Information Management System).

Introducing Personal Data Exchanges & the Personal Data Economy

The next big technological shift is to a world where every individual can manage and (optionally) monetise their personal data. Companies like Facebook and Google already make billions because they know everything about us via our online habits. What if we could take a cut? What if we could own and sell our data directly?

Questions Asked
Cost for Developing a Personal Data Store

I have been asked to find out what the cost would be to hire developers to create a personal data store.

Contact for Personal Data Management Technologies

Who is the best person to talk to about personal data management technologies (solutions that allow the keeping, searching inputing and outputing of personal data of end users)?


Check out TFP on Product Hunt - it lets the user scan their social media posts and clean them up and is built on the platform with Private Sharing


Today Meeco published a white paper - Review of the EU Data Strategy and launched a landing page outlining the objectives.


My name is Tanja, I’m a designer currently based in Tokyo and working on an app/software (together with @Marc Chataigner) to handle confidential data.

Hi all, Julian Ranger here, Exec Chairman and Founder at


This post is an introduction to the personal server paradigm.

We just launched a cool social media app on ProductHunt called myPrime9 to find and share your most popular photos across multiple social media networks using priavte sharing.