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[Simple] So Much Data - Where Are Our Intelligent Apps? (Video: 50:15min)

A recording of a webinar hosted by Prifina: More data should lead to more intelligence apps. How can brands, developers, entrepreneurs create new tools for personal data?

[Intermediate] Podcast: Liberty. Equality. Data.

Leveling Playing Field between Humans and Algorithms: a conversation with Peter Cotton, Ph.D. (Stanford), who spent his 20+ years career leading AI and ML initiatives at major US banks.

6 especialistas em questões de política de dados respondem sobre o tópico mais atual da área

No âmbito da Global Technology Governance Summit, realizada nos dias 6 e 7 de Abril de 2021, seis especialistas foram perguntados: Qual é a questão de política de dados que vocês consideram mais importante nesse momento?

[Simple] 6 data policy issues experts are tracking right now

For the Global Technology Governance Summit, on 6-7 April 2021 six experts were asked: What is the key issue in data policy that is top of mind for you right now?

[Advanced] Ownership of User-Held Data: Why Property Law Is the Right Approach

Without any doubt, there are so many aspects and different dimensions to Data Ownership. To clarify some of the points, we wrote a paper on personal data ownership. Hopefully, it contributes to the debate.

Getting Value with User-Held Data

User-centric data model opens new opportunities with data, and opens the gate for creativity and innovation in this space.

Amazon は自社を利用している販売者からデータを収集して競合製品を発売しました。

水曜日、米国議会はグーグル、アップル、フェイスブック、アマゾンのCEOを刺激し、市場におけるGAFAの支配に関連する問題を調査しました。 データはその問い合わせの根底にあるスレッドの1つでした。

Amazon Scooped Up Data from Its Own Sellers to Launch Competing Products

On Wednesday, US Congress was grilling the CEOs of Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, and examined issues related to GAFA's dominance in the market.
Data was one of the underlying threads in that inquiries.

Amazon coletou dados de seus próprios vendedores para lançar produtos concorrentes

Na quarta-feira, o Congresso dos Estados Unidos interrogou os CEOs do Google, Apple, Facebook e Amazon, e examinou questões relacionadas ao domínio do GAFA no mercado. Os dados foram um dos tópicos subjacentes a essas investigações.

Personal Data Ownership

Legal, Economic, and Political Reasons For Individuals to Have Ownership Rights over Their Personal Data Triggered responses from different views ('baisc human rights' or 'property rights') in Slack.


個人が自らのパーソナルデータに対する権利を有することを主張する記事。この記事についてMyData Globalのスラックでは、その権利が基本的人権や財産権といったどのようなものに該当するのか、というので様々な意見が出ています。

Propriedade de dados pessoais

Razões legais, econômicas e políticas para que os indivíduos tenham direitos de propriedade sobre seus dados pessoais encadeou respostas de diferentes pontos de vista ('direitos humanos' ou 'direitos de propriedade') no Slack.

Ícones de Privacidade e Design Jurídico

O ecossistema de dados está mudando rapidamente para o modelo centrado no usuário. Quais fatores afetam a maneira como as pessoas percebem o valor de seus dados pessoais?


データ・エコシステムは、ユーザー中心のモデルに急速に移行しています。人々がパーソナルデータの価値をどのように認識しているか。それに影響を与える要因は何でしょうか? Appleが2020年6月に開催したWorldwide Developers Conference (WWDC2020)では今秋リリース予定のiOS 14で実装される様々なプライバシーに関する機能などが披露されました。デバイスがどんなパーソナルデータを用いているか利用者にわかりやすく伝えるプライバシーアイコンもその1つです。振り返ると2011年にMozillaが、すでに同様の取り組みをしていたことを筆者は紹介しています。

Privacy Icons and Legal Design

Data ecosystem is rapidly shifting towards user-centric model. What factors affect how people perceive the value of their personal data?