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covid19 policy trackers

A global collection of COVID19 policy trackers and data. It covers a diversity of areas like non-pharamaceutical interventions, economic and social policy responses, public attitudes, politics and media coverage.

Rastreadores de Políticas sobre o COVID-19

Uma coleção global de rastreadores de políticas e dados da COVID-19 que abrange diversas áreas, como intervenções não-farmacêuticas, respostas de políticas econômicas e sociais, medidas públicas, política e cobertura da mídia.

covid19 policy trackers

A global collection of COVID19 policy trackers and data. It covers a diversity of areas like non-pharamaceutical interventions, economic and social policy responses, public attitudes, politics and media coverage.

Incredibly bold move from Apple

COVID risk score introduced by Apple (iOS 13.6) might be illegal in Switzerland because national apps' safteguards are circumvented.

Mudança de paradigma de SEAM para HAACS

Richard Whitt descreve a necessidade da mudança de um paradigma de SEAM (vigiar, extrair, analisar, manipular, em tradução) para um dos HAACS (autonomia humana/agência via sistema de computador).

Shifting paradigm from SEAM to HAACS

Richard Whitt describes the need to shift from a paradigm of SEAM (surveil, extract, analyse, manipulate) to one of the HAACS (Human autonomy/agency via computer system)

O grande mistério dos aplicativos de rastreamento de coronavírus

A Alemanha e a Suíça não sabem ao certo como seus aplicativos estão funcionando, pois os dados estão fora dos limites.

The great coronavirus-tracing apps mystery

Germany and Switzerland are not sure how well their apps are working as the data is out of bounds.

O desastre iminente de passaportes de imunidade e identidade digital

Os Passaportes de Imunidade tornaram-se uma ferramenta muito popular para lidar com esta pandemia e a crise econômica. Essencialmente, com passaportes de imunidade, aqueles que são "imunes" ao vírus teriam algum tipo de documento certificado - físico ou digital.

The looming disaster of immunity passports and digital identity

Immunity Passports have become a much hyped tool to cope with this pandemic and the economic crisis. Essentially, with immunity passports those who are 'immune' to the virus would have some kind of certified document - whether physical or digital.



We Need to Change How We Share Our Personal Data Online in the Age of COVID-19

COVID-19 underscores how urgently we need a new approach to organizing and sharing personal data writes Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Precisamos mudar a forma como compartilhamos nossos dados pessoais on-line em tempos de COVID-19

O COVID-19 ressalta com que urgência precisamos de uma nova abordagem para organizar e compartilhar dados pessoais, escreve Sir Tim Berners-Lee.



O apagão do coronavírus pelos olhos dos recém-desempregados

Com uma velocidade extraordinária, o coronavírus atingiu quase todos os cantos da economia. Trabalhadores de nove setores refletem sobre o pagamento das contas, o preenchimento de seus dias e o enfrentamento de uma economia radicalmente alterada neste artigo.

The coronavirus shutdown through the eyes of the recently unemployed

With extraordinary speed, the coronavirus has torn through nearly every corner of the economy. Workers across nine industries reflect in this article on paying the bills, filling their days, and facing an economy dramatically changed.

Covid-19 está aqui para ficar. E as pessoas terão que se adaptar.

Você pode ter perdido o interesse na pandemia, mas ela não perdeu o interesse em você.

Covid-19 is here to stay. People will have to adapt

You may have lost interest in the pandemic. It has not lost interest in you.

Coronavirus: Member States agree on an interoperability solution for mobile tracing and warning apps

Member States, with the support of the Commission, have agreed on a set of technical specifications to ensure a safe exchange of information between national contact tracing apps based on a decentralised architecture. This concerns the vast majority of tracing apps that were already – or are about to be – launched in the EU. Once the technical solution is deployed, such national apps will work seamlessly when users travel to another EU country which also follows the decentralised approach. This means an important additional step towards interoperability of mobile apps for tracing coronavirus infections, as Member States begin to lift travel restrictions across borders in time for summer vacation.

Coronavírus: Estados-Membros concordam com solução de interoperabilidade para aplicativos móveis de rastreamento e aviso

Os Estados-Membros, com o apoio da Comissão, concordaram com um conjunto de especificações técnicas para garantir um intercâmbio seguro de informações entre aplicativos nacionais de rastreamento de contatos com base em uma arquitetura descentralizada. Isso diz respeito à grande maioria dos aplicativos de rastreamento que já foram - ou estão prestes a ser lançados - na UE. Uma vez implantada a solução técnica, esses aplicativos nacionais funcionarão perfeitamente quando os usuários viajarem para outro país da UE, que também segue a abordagem descentralizada. Esse é um passo importante para a interoperabilidade de aplicativos móveis no rastreamento de infecções por coronavírus, à medida que os Estados-Membros começam a suspender as restrições de viagem antes das férias de verão.

Não haverá uma segunda onda grande de Covid19, mas vários surtos

Peter Piot, o Fleming que aconselha a Comissão Europeia sobre a pesquisa do novo coronavírus, disse ao VRT News sobre como uma possível segunda onda de novas infecções por coronavírus deve ser combatida.

There won’t be one large second wave of Covid19, but a number of flare-ups

The Fleming that advises the European Commission on research into the novel coronavirus Professor Peter Piot has told VRT News of how a possible second wave of novel coronavirus infections should be tackled.

Covid-19 na Suíça: uma análise crítica da avaliação de riscos pelas autoridades suíças

Paul-Olivier escreveu um artigo descrevendo os riscos de privacidade e segurança associados à API de Notificação de Exposição do Google / Apple. Isso é muito focado na Suíça, mas é aplicável a muitos países diferentes, é claro.

SwissCovid: a critical analysis of risk assessment by Swiss authorities

Paul-Olivier wrote a paper outlining the privacy and security risks associated to the Google/Apple Exposure Notification API. This is very Swiss centric but applicable to many different countries of course.

UK virus-tracing app switches to Google-Apple model

The Apple-Google design has been promoted as being more privacy-centric.

Why Now Is the Time for “Open Innovation”

Covid-19 has shown how companies can work together to solve problems.

Por que agora é a hora da "inovação aberta"?

O Covid-19 mostrou como as empresas podem trabalhar juntas para resolver problemas.

Minnesota is now using contact tracing to track protestors

Minnesota officials say they’re using contact tracing to better understand who the protestors are and where they’re coming from.

Minnesota está usando tecnologia contact-tracing para rastrear manifestantes, à medida que os protestos aumentam

Os protestos de Minnesota continuam aumentando e inspirando manifestações semelhantes em todo o país, após a polícia matar um homem desarmado de Minneapolis nesta semana, chamado George Floyd. As autoridades de Minnesota dizem que estão usando o contact-tracing (rastreamento de contatos) para entender melhor quem são os manifestantes e de onde eles são.

Five ways a COVID-19 contact-tracing app could make things worse

There is a good chance that people will over-trust an app to keep them safe, which could inadvertently increase social contact. This is a well-documented psychological effect called “automation bias”.

A Post-COVID-19 Digital Bretton Woods

When world leaders came together in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, in 1944, they laid the foundation for a model of global governance that would last for more than 70 years. To manage the far-reaching implications of digital technology and hyper-globalization, we must now pick up where they left off.

Pan-European Hackathon

Now is your chance to help tackle coronavirus! #EUvsVirus


毎日新聞の有料記事に、MyDataJapanの理事として 橋田 浩一・中川 裕志・Kristina Yasuda の3名のインタビュー記事が掲載されました。


トピックは4月10日にApple/Googleからプレスリリースされたばかりの「Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing」について、現時点で公表されている仕様の説明や問題点等を議論しました。



Recommendation on apps for contact tracing

European Commission and the High Representative have set out plans for a robust and targeted EU response to support partner countries' efforts in tackling the coronavirus pandemic.


新型コロナウイルス感染症対策テックチーム Anti-Covid-19 Tech Teamキックオフ会議。

Recover from the Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis

This is a brilliant resource for business owners to help with COVID planning and impact minimisation.

You Really Don’t Want to Sell Your Data

Without fundamental legal rights underpinning the relationship between those who control data and those subject to it, data ownership will erode the control of those who need it most.

Funding Opportunities

This is a list of upcoming funding opportunities:

  • a curated list of open calls, funding opportunities, useful tools, collaborative actions and many more initiatives to help fight the Coronavirus situation by Martel Innovate
  • Mozilla announced the creation of a COVID-19 Solutions Fund as part of the Mozilla Open Source Support Program (MOSS)
  • NGI: DAPSI (deadline: April 22nd, webinar) and TRUST (3rd call, deadline: May 4th)


“SARS-CoV-2 Tracking under GDPR” by noyb

In the wake of the Corona crisis, many governments and non-governmental institutions consider the usage of infection tracking systems to fight the pandemic. They float different ideas how these systems shall look like. While reviewing some of those ideas, noyb (European Center for Digital Rights) has prepared this ad hoc paper on legal requirements for virus trackingsystems.

Projects using personal data to combat SARS-CoV-2

The GDPRhub maintains a page to collect different approaches by government and private projects to use personal data to combat SARS-CoV-2.

MyData vs COVID-19

A blog post on MyData vs COVID-19 describing who we are, what we do and why people should join the efforts now!

The moment you realise the world has changed: re-thinking the EDPS Strategy

Covid-19 is a game changer. Thinking about the EDPS’ strategy for the next five years, we have to look again at our text.

Data Stewards Network: A Call for Action

Toward building the data infrastructure and ecosystem we need to tackle pandemics and other dynamic societal and environmental threats.

Save our NHS

What is your personal connection with your healthcare service & the professionals that work within it?

EU Funding for Innovative solutions to tackle Coronavirus outbreak

The European Commission is calling for startups and SMEs to apply urgently to the next round of funding from the European Innovation Council

Controlling coronavirus with apps

Smartphone tracking of the pandemic - a help or a threat to privacy?

MyData and Coronavirus

Some thoughts here about how bottom up, human-centric 'MyData' would vastly improve how global pandemics can be managed for all parties. Clearly we won't get to build much for this time around, albeit my prototype only took 20 minutes; but one has to assume there will be a Covid 20 and beyond.


Hub-Taiwan joined the #CodeVsCovid19 hackathon and build the alpha version of corona-related app MyLog14 in 3 days.