Noteworthy Information
Draft Consumer Privacy Framework for Health Data

The eHealth Initiative & Foundation (eHI) and the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) released A Draft Consumer Privacy Framework for Health Data. The Framework includes a description of the health data that warrant protection, as well as the standards and rules that should govern them.
Note that the Draft does not say whether the Framework will be CC-licensed so that un-audited community open source and non-commercial entities could still use it as a voluntary assertion without paying for the certification audits.

Projeto de estrutura de privacidade do consumidor para dados de saúde

A eHealth Initiative & Foundation (eHI) e o Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) publicaram um esboço da estrutura de privacidade do consumidor para dados de saúde. A Estrutura inclui uma descrição dos dados de saúde que garantem proteção, bem como os padrões e regras que devem regê-los. Observe que o Rascunho não diz se a Estrutura será licenciada por CC para que a comunidade não auditada de código aberto e entidades não comerciais ainda possam usá-la como uma afirmação voluntária sem pagar pelas auditorias de certificação.


eHealth Initiative & Foundation(eHI)およびCenter for Democracy and Technology(CDT)は、健康データ向けの消費者プライバシーフレームワーク草案をリリースしました。 フレームワークには、保護を保証する健康データの説明、およびそれらを管理するための基準と規則が含まれています。

該当草案では、フレームワークがCCライセンス(Creative Commons License)で提供されるかどうかについては触れられていないため、未監査のコミュニティオープンソースおよび非営利団体は、認証監査の費用を支払うことなく自主的なアサーションとして使用できます。

The looming disaster of immunity passports and digital identity

Immunity Passports have become a much hyped tool to cope with this pandemic and the economic crisis. Essentially, with immunity passports those who are 'immune' to the virus would have some kind of certified document - whether physical or digital.


プライバシー保護を訴えるPrivacy Internationalの記事。Covid19への感染、回復、ワクチン接種の有無などを記したデジタル証明書としての免疫パスポート。内容が改ざんされていないことを第三者に証明するためにデジタルIDなどの技術が用いられています。パンデミックと経済危機に対処する上で注目されていますが、そもそも獲得免疫やワクチンの効果に対する疫学的な疑義、また免疫パスポートの濫用により職場での解雇といった不当な差別や不利益を助長する懸念があります。デジタルIDを推進する産業界が十分な解決策を提示しないまま免疫パスポートを推すことに、記事は批判的です。

O desastre iminente de passaportes de imunidade e identidade digital

Os Passaportes de Imunidade tornaram-se uma ferramenta muito popular para lidar com esta pandemia e a crise econômica. Essencialmente, com passaportes de imunidade, aqueles que são "imunes" ao vírus teriam algum tipo de documento certificado - físico ou digital.

Como os registros tradicionais de saúde reforçam o racismo estrutural

Conforme os EUA reconhecem séculos de prática de racismo estrutural, um passo importante para tornar os cuidados de saúde mais equitativos exigirá a transferência do controle dos registros de saúde para pacientes e grupos de pacientes.

How Traditional Health Records Bolster Structural Racism

As the U.S. reckons with centuries of structural racism, an important step toward making health care more equitable will require transferring control of health records to patients and patient groups.

You Are Now Remotely Controlled

In an opinion piece Shoshana Zuboff writes about surveillance capitalists who control the science and the scientists, the secrets and the truth.

Inconvenient Truth for Tech: A New Agenda for Tech (Video: 43:53min)

Learn how the extractive attention economy is tearing apart our shared social fabric and causing human downgrading. Find out how to build humane technology.

Federated Learning

Federated learning means that I can learn and that I can share that learning with others. When it comes to data about me, the elephants in the room are the data brokers. They are the entities, mostly hidden from us as subjects, that set the value and profit strictly from brokering data about me to what I would call the principals. Principals are the entities that I actually want to do business with, airlines, auto manufacturers, publishers, pharmaceutical companies, Lyft drivers,...

Questions Asked
Minimum Standard for a MyData Operator

I’m interested in the MyData Operator concept. Particularly interested in the minimum viable protocol that would be required to make person switching from one operator to another seamless. In cases where the person wants to be their own operator, will there be open source code that implements the minimum standards to support that?