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[Simple] Singapore reveals Covid privacy data available to police

Singapore has admitted data from its Covid contact tracing programme can also be accessed by police, reversing earlier privacy assurances. Such an approach will erode public trust in future health responses and therefore impede their efficacy.

[Simples] Cingapura revela dados de privacidade da Covid disponíveis para a polícia

Cingapura admitiu que os dados de seu programa de rastreamento de contatos Covid também podem ser acessados ​​pela polícia, revertendo as garantias de privacidade anteriores. Tal abordagem irá desgastar a confiança do público nas respostas de saúde futuras e, portanto, impedir sua eficácia.

(Intermediate) The State of the Platform Revolution 2021

A great summary of the Nine Key Themes one of our invited presenters at MyData 2020 Onlince Conference Sangeet Paul Choudary have been working on during this year.

[Intermediário] O Estado da Revolução da Plataforma 2021

Um ótimo resumo dos nove temas-chave que um de nossos apresentadores convidados na Conferência Online MyData 2020 em que Sangeet Paul Choudary tem trabalhado durante este ano.

(Intermediate) Data Collaboration in the Age of COVID

On Thursday, December 10, 2020, the GovLab hosted a panel discussion on “Data Collaboration in the Age of COVID-19” at the MyData Conference 2020. Facilitated by Stefaan Verhulst (Co-Founder and Chief R&D at The GovLab), panelists Kelly Jin (City of New York), Claudia Juench (Cloudera Foundation), Dave Greene (Microsoft), and JoAnn Stonier (Mastercard) discussed ways the COVID-19 response could inform efforts to foster cross-sector data reuse in a responsible, systematic, and sustainable way.

[Intermediário] Colaboração de dados na era do COVID

Na quinta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2020, o GovLab organizou um painel de discussão sobre "Colaboração de dados na era do COVID-19" na MyData Conference 2020. Facilitado por Stefaan Verhulst (cofundador e chefe de P&D do GovLab), os painelistas Kelly Jin (cidade de Nova York), Claudia Juench (Fundação Cloudera), Dave Greene (Microsoft) e JoAnn Stonier (Mastercard) discutiram maneiras como a resposta ao COVID-19 poderia informar os esforços para promover a reutilização de dados intersetoriais de forma responsável, sistemática e sustentável.

[Intermediate] China’s country-as-platform strategy for global influence

As platforms continue to grow, control over the trade in goods and services is shifting from countries to digital platforms. And as trade, labor, and money grow increasingly digitized and are exchanged on platforms, countries need to rethink their positions in the global flow of these goods. If they are to gain a competitive advantage, countries need to increasingly pursue a platform strategy.

[Intermediário] Estratégia chinesa de país como plataforma da para influência global

À medida que as plataformas continuam a crescer, o controle sobre o comércio de bens e serviços está mudando dos países para as plataformas digitais. E, à medida que o comércio, a mão-de-obra e o dinheiro se tornam cada vez mais digitalizados e trocados em plataformas, os países precisam repensar suas posições no fluxo global desses bens. Para obter uma vantagem competitiva, os países precisam buscar cada vez mais uma estratégia de plataforma.

MyData White Paper - 3rd, revised edition (PDF)

A new English version of the MyData white paper was published! The last white paper in English was released 5years ago, and it was about time to package all the everevolving MyData's thinking and doing into a new paper.
Congratulations to everybody who contributed to this work, and thank you Viivi Lähteenoja and the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland for making this happen.

MyData白書 - 第三版、修正版(PDS)

MyData白書の新しい英語版が公開されました。 最後の英語の白書は5年前にリリースされたです。進化するMyDataの考えと行動をすべて新しい白書にまとめるときがきました。

この作業に貢献してくださった皆さん、おめでとうございます。これを実現してくださったViivi Lähteenoja氏とフィンランド運輸通信省に感謝します。

Artigo MyData - 3ª edição revisada (PDF)

Uma nova versão em inglês do white paper MyData foi publicada! O último white paper em inglês foi lançado há 5 anos, e era hora de agrupar todas as idéias e ações em constante evolução do MyData em um novo jornal. Parabéns a todos que contribuíram para este trabalho, e obrigado Viivi Lähteenoja e o Ministério dos Transportes e Comunicações da Finlândia por fazerem isso acontecer.

Projeto de Alfabetização de Dados

Cursos e conteúdos educacionais para informar, equipar e inspirar você ou sua organização a usar dados como parte do seu idioma cotidiano.

Data Literacy Project

Educational courses and content to inform, equip and inspire you or your organization to use data as part of your everyday language.

Let’s Talk Privacy

We interviewed 41 people, from privacy experts to everyday people, to understand their views on privacy and the ways that different policies could impact their work (via MIT Media Lab).

Vamos conversar sobre privacidade

Entrevistamos 41 pessoas, de especialistas em privacidade a pessoas comuns, para entender seus pontos de vista sobre privacidade e de que formas as diferentes políticas podem impactar seu trabalho. (via MIT Media Lab)

MyData Webinar #7: Personal APIs

The MyData Webinar about Personal APIs (presented by Lal Chandran from moderated bei Ansku is now up at and in MyData Global’s Youtube channel.

MyData Webinar #6: Interoperability of Health Data

The MyData webinar about Interoperability of Health Data (presented by Paul Knowles and Erwan Médy) moderated bei Ansku Tuomainen is now up at and in MyData Global’s Youtube channel.

MyData Webinar #5: Identity in the Digital Era

Latest MyData webinar about Identity (presented by Phil Windley and Andres Kütt) in the Digital Era is now up at and in MyData Global’s Youtube channel.

Thought Leadership Guidebook

This week a call took place about the MyData Thought Leadership and how reshaping the Thematic Groups can work. Be sure to check out the slide-deck!

Product Development with Consequence Scanning

Digital technologies introduce change rapidly and their potential for impact comes with responsibility. Introducing a dedicated agile practice for considering the consequences of technology within an iterative development cycle.

MyData Strategy on Campaigns

The strategy of MyData Org is that the organisation won’t start doing citizen campaigns or direct activities targeted towards “regular” people in the coming 3 years but rather focus on the professionals.

MyData Webinar #4: Consent Mechanisms

The MyData Webinar about Consent Mechanisms is now available at and in our YouTube channel. Presenters are Jim Pasquale from the Kantara Initiative and Crt Ahlin from Datafund.

MyData Webinar #3: Digital Wallets and Vaults

The MyData Webinar about Digital Wallets and Vaults is now available at and in our YouTube channel. Presenters are Marie-Jose Hoefmans from Schluss and Robert Mitwicki demonstrating Minerva.

Meetup Usage

Currently, the MyData Global Meetup account has 12 groups with 1,144 members and held 46 events in 2019. The overall cost for this was EUR 1,317. Costwise this is not much but there is a discussion to switch to alternatives (,, or because of low attendance despite high sign-ups. It is planned to take a decision in the next Community call on Wed Dec 18, 2019.

MyData Community - what is it all about?

We conducted tens of community interviews in the past half a year with the main goal to understand the MyData community better. We’ve now finalised with the analysis, and results are available at

Case Library is online

Let me introduce you the MVP version of the long-awaited Case Library that we’d like to test now with the MyData community members.

People-Centered Internet

This is a network we could look into. @Iain added: That group is led by Mei Lin Fung (based in California) and is already engaged with Project VRM and Me2B.

Data Protection Laws of the World

Provides an overview of the key privacy and data protection laws and regulations across the globe.

MyData Webinar #2: Design

The #2 MyData Webinar about Design is now available at and in our YouTube channel.

Athens General Meeting (Video: 3:44 hours)

If you missed the AGM but would like to hear / see the presentations and discussions about motions put up at the GM, you can view the meeting in this video.

Hubs and their status

This presentation is a great visualization of the different types of all current hubs.

MyData Webinar #1: Data Governance (Video: 1h13min)

The very first MyData Webinar took place on October 25th, 2019 and covered A New Governance and Me2B Alliance, that both touch upon the topic of building a trustworthy personal data ecosystem.

MyData Webinars

We're starting a series of webinars this fall, with the aim to present different initiatives, projects and services that are contributing to MyData's mission in empowering individuals by improving their right to self-determination regarding their personal data.
The webinars will take place regularly on 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month. First one is already coming up next week on 25th Oct, and will present A New Governance's and Me2B Alliance's work on building a more trustworthy data ecosystem.

De-google-ify Internet - List of alternatives

The whole web is occupied by centralized services… Well… not entirely. One small village of indomitable Free Software lovers still holds out against the invaders.

Call for Papers: Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference

The CPDP2020 Call for Papers is addressed to all researchers who wish to present their papers at the next Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference. CPDP is an annual three-day conference devoted to privacy and data protection. The 13th edition of CPDP will be held on 22-24 January 2020 in Brussels. Whilst a number of speakers are specifically invited by the conference, several slots remain open to application through an annual call for papers.

Social Programme - MyData 2019

Join us for an amazing MyData after-hours experience: Welcome Gathering, Dinners, Sauna, Afterpart. Eat, Greet - Repeat!

A road map for a fair data economy offers a new foundation for Europe’s sustainable growth

Digitisation and artificial intelligence, data and the platform economy are key to accelerating European productivity and growth in the global context. Europe could build a human-centric model for a data economy based on the fair use of data, according to a policy brief released by the Lisbon Council and Sitra.

Thematic group: A New Governance

This initiative is a bit particular, with a focus of designing a governance model for a way how to translate GDPR requirements into technical standards. Your contributions on figuring out the governance model are more than welcome - we’ve organised a channel #anewgovernance where you can stay up to date of the developments.

Artificial Intelligence Governance and Ethics: Global Perspectives

AI is increasingly being embedded in our lives, supplementing our pervasive use of digital technologies. But this is being accompanied by disquiet over problematic and dangerous implementations of AI, or indeed, even AI itself deciding to do dangerous and problematic actions, especially in fields such as the military, medicine and criminal justice.

Overview for Q2 membership fee sharing

An overview about the membership fee sharing for the individual hubs. Read more about Financial guidelines for Initiatives here.

Building Collective Momentum to Challenge the Ad Tech Industry

This story is the first of a series on how civil society organisations and activists are using the GDPR (and similar data protection legislation) to advance rights and strengthen their work.

Data Protection and Digital Agency for Refugees

For the millions of refugees fleeing conflict and persecution every year, access to information about their rights and control over their personal data are crucial for their ability to assess risk and navigate the asylum process. While asylum seekers are required to provide significant amounts of personal information on their journey to safety, they are rarely fully informed of their data rights by UN agencies or local border control and law enforcement staff tasked with obtaining and processing their personal information. Despite recent improvements in data protection mechanisms in the European Union, refugees’ informed consent for the collection and use of their personal data is rarely sought.

Call for Papers for the 2020 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (FAT 2020)

The third annual ACM FAT Conference brings together researchers and practitioners interested in fairness, accountability, and transparency in socio-technical systems. FAT 2020 has 5 submission tracks reflecting its disciplinary diversity, each with a separate call for papers: #1 - Computer Science; #2 - Law; #3 - Social Sciences and Humanities; #4 - Practice and Experience; #5 - Education. Full paper submission deadline: Aug 22, 2019; Notification date: Oct 31, 2019; Conference: Jan 27-30, 2020

Making the most of your session - Tips & Tricks

Sille has put together some tips & tricks that you can use in the preparation of your sessions for MyData 2019 conference.

Perguntas feitas
[Avançado] Capacidades de transformação urbana do Fundo ERA-NET

Nesta convocatória, 16 agências nacionais de fomento à investigação e inovação reservaram um orçamento global de cerca de 18,4 milhões de euros, para apoiar projectos transnacionais de I&I. Uma ampla gama de projetos de pesquisa e inovação são convidados para permitir a capacitação para transformações urbanas em torno de três tópicos principais, que abordam uma ampla variedade de desafios urbanos:

  • Tópico 1: Economias circulares urbanas
  • Tópico 2: Desenvolvimentos baseados na comunidade e ecossistemas de inovação urbana
  • Tópico 3: Infraestrutura urbana robusta e resiliente e ambiente construído
[Advanced] ERA-NET Cofund Urban Transformation Capacities

In this call 16 national research and innovation funding agencies have earmarked a global budget of about 18.4 M€, in order to support transnational R&I projects. A broad range of research and innovation projects are invited to enable capacity building for urban transformations around three main topics, which address a wide variety of urban challenges:

  • Topic 1: Urban circular economies
  • Topic 2: Community-based developments and urban innovation ecosystems
  • Topic 3: Robust and resilient urban infrastructure and built environment
Call for Proposals: Comparing Effects and Responses to GDPR and CCPA

The Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity at UC Berkeley is hosting an interdisciplinary workshop on July 30, 2021 to examine and compare how firms and consumers have responded to the E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). This RFP seeks proposals to conduct scholarly inquiry into these topics to inform the workshop and, more broadly, to build the body of scientific knowledge foundational to these issues. Selected proposals will be invited to present and discuss their research-in-progress at the workshop.

Chamada de propostas: comparando efeitos e respostas ao GDPR e CCPA editar adicionar tradução

O Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity da UC Berkeley está hospedando um workshop interdisciplinar em 30 de julho de 2021 para examinar e comparar como empresas e consumidores responderam ao Regulamento Geral de Proteção de Dados da UE (GDPR) e ao Ato de Proteção ao Consumidor da Califórnia (CCPA ) Esta RFP busca propostas para conduzir pesquisas acadêmicas sobre esses tópicos para informar o workshop e, mais amplamente, para construir o corpo de conhecimento científico fundamental para essas questões. As propostas selecionadas serão convidadas a apresentar e discutir suas pesquisas em andamento no workshop.

Smart City Challenge

Taltech has opened an idea competition to find research-based solutions targeting urban challenges of local governments. The best ideas will be implemented by them as large-scale pilots together with at least two cities (one has to be from Estonia). One pilot can be allocated with up to 1.5 million euros, the total budget of the challenge is 15 million euros over the next 7 years (first ones funded by the European Regional Fund and the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research).

Desafio Smart City

A Taltech abriu um concurso de ideias para encontrar soluções baseadas em pesquisa voltadas para os desafios urbanos dos governos locais. As melhores ideias serão implementadas por eles como pilotos em grande escala em conjunto com pelo menos duas cidades (uma tem que ser da Estônia). Um piloto pode ser alocado com até 1,5 milhões de euros, o orçamento total do desafio é de 15 milhões de euros para os próximos 7 anos (os primeiros financiados pelo Fundo Regional Europeu e pelo Ministério da Educação e Pesquisa da Estônia).

2021 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency

The 2021 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (FAccT, formerly known as FAT*) is an interdisciplinary conference currently soliciting work from a wide variety of disciplines, including computer science, statistics, law, social sciences, the humanities, and education. Submissions around the topics of fairness, accountability and transparency to be submitted until October 7th, 2020.

Conferência ACM 2021 sobre justiça, responsabilidade e transparência

A 2021 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (FAccT, anteriormente conhecida como FAT*) é uma conferência interdisciplinar que atualmente solicita trabalhos de uma ampla variedade de disciplinas, incluindo ciência da computação, estatística, direito, ciências sociais, humanidades e educação . Submissões em torno dos tópicos de justiça, responsabilidade e transparência devem ser enviadas até 7 de outubro de 2020.


2021 ACM Conference on Fairness、Accountability、and Transparency(FAccT、以前はFAT)は、現在、コンピュータサイエンス、統計学、法律、社会科学、人文科学、教育など、さまざまな分野からの研究を募集している学際的な会議です。公平性、説明責任、透明性のトピックに関する提案は、2020年10月7日まで提出が必要です。

Participe do MyData Online 2020 Programme Team

Parte do sucesso dos eventos MyData sempre foi uma abordagem aberta e colaborativa à criação de conteúdo. A ampla participação da comunidade cria uma atmosfera única, propriedade compartilhada e espírito MyData. Atualmente, estamos procurando de 10 a 20 organizadores de programas voluntários para se juntar à equipe do programa. Como administrador do programa, você estará em uma posição privilegiada para influenciar o conteúdo da conferência e receberá entrada gratuita na conferência.

Join the MyData Online 2020 Programme Team

Part of the success of the MyData events has always been an open and collaborative approach to content creation. Wide participation of the community creates the unique atmosphere, shared ownership and MyData-spirit.
We are currently looking for 10-20 volunteer programme stewards to join the programme team with us. As one of the programme stewards, you’ll be in a prime position to influence the content of the conference and will receive free entrance to the conference.

Quais projetos e/ou produtos de governança de dados inspiram você?

A equipe do Mozilla Insights está à procura de projetos inovadores de governança de dados em qualquer lugar do mundo (e em qualquer idioma) que gerenciem e compartilhem benefícios dos conjuntos de dados de maneiras novas e interessantes. Desde projetos de cooperativas de dados e de bens comuns a dados, relações de confiança de dados, soluções de armazenamento de dados pessoais e muito mais, estamos interessados em aprender sobre modelos que diferem dos modelos corporativos padrão - que dão mais poder às pessoas representadas ou afetadas pelos dados, ou que compartilham os benefícios derivados dos dados.

What data governance projects/products inspire you?

Mozilla’s Insights team is on the lookout for innovative data governance projects and products anywhere in the world (and in any language) that manage and share benefits from datasets in new and interesting ways. From data coops and data commons projects, to data trusts, personal data storage solutions and more, we’re interested in learning about models that differ from standard corporate models - that give more power to the people represented within or affected by the data, or that share the value/benefits derived from data.

Topic Tracks for MyData European 2020 Conference

We're preparing for the CfP launch for Europe 2020 conference next week, and drafting the topic tracks currently. We aim to give a palette of different topics that submitters can choose from, and elaborate these to concrete tracks later on:

  • Protection, (Cyber)security & empowerment combined
  • Data Governance - from ideas to reality
  • Data-driven cities - with and for whom?
  • Ethical/MyData AI for
  • Ethical alternative business models
  • What can Policy offer us?
  • Human-centric Verticals

Do you see something important missing? Do you see something as irrelevant to the current state of MyData and the discussions you'd like to see taking place in the European conference?

Help secure partnership for Europe 2020 conference

We organise (collectively) this year 4 regional conferences, out of which Europe 2020 conference in Berlin in September is the biggest one. We need your support and offer 20% of every partnership agreement you help to secure. This is a great way to earn some revenue for the hub’s activities!

Share insights that pave the path for MyData

It occurred to me that many are asking for news/insights about government & policy programs that pave the path for MyData. Please share interesting work from your countries and gather these inputs and discussions in the channel #policy!

Review for Architecture specification for a Consent Service

The Information System Authority of the Estonian Republic has developed a Architecture specification for a Consent Service. Feedback is welcomed!

Hubs & Groups: Check your information

I'm doing some “back office cleaning and freshing up”, and went though also the main website that promotes all hubs:, and groups
Please check your hubs information there, and let me know in the comment thread if you'd like to update, add anything there.

Hubs/Groups Summaries 2019

Hub-Initiators, please take the time to reflect back and share your comments on the planned actions, share insights what worked / didn’t work and why, and what you’d like to take up next year.

Contribute to Article in 'Medical Writing'

Some time ago we got a request for writing an article about MyData and its goals, with the connection to health data. The article is for the June 2020 issue of Medical Writing which is the official journal of the European Medical Writers Association. The journal is peer-reviewed and open access. There are no charges or any other hidden fees. Authors retain copyright.


As it's also time of the year for reflections and making summaries - how do you feel is working for you?

Does anybody of you know more of's work?

@Initiators: Participate to Design Thematic Group

As you might have seen across different MyData conferences, the design has been quite steadily been developed as one of the important tracks. Some are planning to establish now a thematic group around design and will host a session at the MyData conference to raise interest and clarify the goals and action plans for the group together with likeminded people. You are invited to participate in the meetup and also to get to know the initiators and their plans.

Job opportunity for Finnish speakers in Barcelona

I’m writing from Ipsos Spain, in Barcelona, we’re a market research company and now we’re running a big project in which we need native people from Finland. The project consists in watching Youtube adverts and then classify them according to variables related to the brand, and other creative elements like music, colors, framing of shots, and so on. We need natives because we have ads from Finland that need to be coded.

Submit Your Hub's / Group's Information for the MyData 2019 Poster

As a recap, we’ve agreed in the previous MyData community calls and online chats, to develop a poster for each active MyData local hub and thematic group which would present the key highlights of your initiative and a possibility to get engaged. Please submit your information by September 1st!

Topics for monthly community call

Our next monthly community call is on Aug 16th - time TBD. Would anybody of you like to present some recent developments with others?

Would it be beneficial to the MyData community to develop a Collaborative Documentation Site?

After reading this article from the NY Times Sille asked: Although using GDocs or not, is a totally separate question, while we still do… would it be beneficial to the MyData community to develop something similar for us based on the Library source?

Initiatives Posters

As discussed in the last monthly community telco, we suggest a way how all MyData initiatives could be represented at the MyData 2019 conference to promote themselves - developing a poster that shows the key elements of your hub / thematic group and a way to get engaged.

Who joins Community Call about Japanese Information Banking?

Many of you've heard about the developments in Japan around Information Banking. We'll have the chance to hear more in depth presentations about it at MyData 2019 conference, while we wish to already share insights in the next community telco on July 19th.

How to make the most of our guiding principles?

Sille was listening to the Boss Level podcast and among other things they were talking about corporate values. This could be an interesting input to think about the MyData Guiding Principles!

@programme-stewards: Can you help facilitating sessions of various formats?

We are planning to build a team of 5-6 facilitators who could support some picked session teams with interactiveness of the session. Do you have experience in facilitating sessions of various formats, and would be interested in taking this additional role during the conference?

Should we create posters from all initiatives for the MyData 2019 conference?

@John W. suggested to organise a semi-facilitated networking meeting at the conference, where all MyData initiatives could share what they're up to and learn from each other. Sille added: What do you think of the idea to organise a 'Initiatives lounge' where we could post posters from all Initiatives, what are your ongoings, what are your plans for the coming months, who are the people stewarding the hubs and how to get in contact with you?


At MyData 2019, we will use an audience engagement system in all sessions.