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Mozilla and Meta Propose New Privacy-Preserving Ad Technology

Mozilla engineer Martin Thomson reveals they've been collaborating with Meta (formerly Facebook) on new technology that can measure "conversions" from advertising while still preserving privacy. The proposed new technology is called Interoperable Private Attribution, or IPA.

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Mozilla Is Going To Track Facebook Tracking You

Researchers at Mozilla announced this week the launch of its "Facebook Pixel Hunt" study, which seeks to track the company's immense web-wide tracking network and investigate the intel it's collecting on users. As the name suggests, this study is focused on a piece of tracking tech known as the "Facebook pixel." Chances are, you've visited a site that uses it; these tiny pieces of tech are buried in literally millions of sites across the web, from online stores to news outlets to... well, you name it. In exchange for onboarding a free pixel on their site, these sites can then track their own visitors and microtarget ads with the same sort of precision you'd expect from a data-hungry company like Facebook.

Quais projetos e/ou produtos de governança de dados inspiram você?

A equipe do Mozilla Insights está à procura de projetos inovadores de governança de dados em qualquer lugar do mundo (e em qualquer idioma) que gerenciem e compartilhem benefícios dos conjuntos de dados de maneiras novas e interessantes. Desde projetos de cooperativas de dados e de bens comuns a dados, relações de confiança de dados, soluções de armazenamento de dados pessoais e muito mais, estamos interessados em aprender sobre modelos que diferem dos modelos corporativos padrão - que dão mais poder às pessoas representadas ou afetadas pelos dados, ou que compartilham os benefícios derivados dos dados.

What data governance projects/products inspire you?

Mozilla’s Insights team is on the lookout for innovative data governance projects and products anywhere in the world (and in any language) that manage and share benefits from datasets in new and interesting ways. From data coops and data commons projects, to data trusts, personal data storage solutions and more, we’re interested in learning about models that differ from standard corporate models - that give more power to the people represented within or affected by the data, or that share the value/benefits derived from data.