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[Intermediário] Fim da "gambiarra" de identidade

A maneira como as pessoas são rastreadas online tem sido um jogo de gato e rato entre os maiores navegadores e a indústria de publicidade há anos. Cada vez que o setor encontrava uma maneira de se recuperar dos apagões de estoque causados ​​pelo bloqueio de cookies do Google e da Apple, era atingido por outro obstáculo.

[Intermediate] The end of the identity workaround

The way people are tracked online has been a cat-and-mouse game between the biggest browsers and the ad industry for years. Every time the industry found a way to claw its way back from the inventory blackouts caused by Google and Apple blocking cookies, it was hit by another curveball.

Unfounded Closing of Adtech Complaint

The UK’s data watchdog is facing a legal challenge after it took the decision to quietly close a complaint against the adtech industry’s high velocity background trading of personal data. The legal challenge was reported earlier by Politico.

Encerramento infundado de reclamação Adtech

O cão de guarda de dados do Reino Unido está enfrentando um desafio legal depois que tomou a decisão de encerrar discretamente uma reclamação contra o comércio de dados pessoais em alta velocidade do setor de adtech. O desafio legal foi relatado anteriormente pelo Politico.

Quantos anúncios e rastreadores UMA página carrega?

Alguns sites bancários possuem rastreadores de terceiros nas páginas de login. Assim como o perigo de códigos maliciosos entrarem em anúncios em sites populares, a presença de rastreadores javascript de terceiros na página de login do banco significa que há um risco maior de comprometer a privacidade, ou pior.

How Many Ads And Trackers Does ONE Page Load?

Some Banking Websites Have Third Party Trackers on Login Pages. Just like the danger of malicious code slipping into ads on mainstream sites, the presence of third party javascript trackers on the login page of the bank means there are increased risk of privacy compromise or worse.

Do you really need all this personal information, @RollingStone?

The linked Privacy Policy in the popover that greets visitors on arrival at Rolling Stone’s website is supplied by Rolling Stone’s parent (PMC) and weighs more than 10,000 words. In it the word “advertising” appears 68 times. Adjectives modifying it include “targeted,” “personalized,” “tailored,” “cookie-based,” “behavioral” and “interest-based.”

Advertising: Real-Time Bidding vs. General Data Protection Regulation

As soon as 2020, the media industry could find itself with its main monetization channel shut down, yet few seem to be working on an alternative. The seeming inaction of most media owners, despite continuing and specific warnings from regulators, is dangerous and hard to comprehend.

Update report into adtech and real time bidding

An interesting development shared by the UK Information Commissioner.

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Gaming apps and data processing compliance, particularly in app ads

Does anyone have experience of gaming apps and DP compliance, particularly in app ads? (Other than the obvious, start with a privacy first approach etc.) What are the checklist items they need to be aware of getting right?