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France's Privacy Watchdog Latest To Find Google Analytics Breaches GDPR

Use of Google Analytics has now been found to breach European Union privacy laws in France -- after a similar decision was reached in Austria last month. The French data protection watchdog, the CNIL, said today that an unnamed local website's use of Google Analytics is non-compliant with the bloc's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) -- breaching Article 44 which covers personal data transfers outside the bloc to so-called third countries which are not considered to have essentially equivalent privacy protections. The U.S. fails this critical equivalence test on account of having sweeping surveillance laws which do not provide non-U.S. citizens with any way to know whether their data is being acquired, how it's being used or to seek redress for any misuse.

[Simple] Why vaccine-shy French are suddenly rushing to get jabbed

The government’s decision to allow only the fully vaccinated to enter restaurants, bars, trains and other spaces has caused a spike in inoculations.

Por que franceses receosos com as vacinas estão se apressando para tomarem suas doses

A decisão do governo de permitir que apenas indivíduos totalmente vacinados possam frequentar restaurantes, bares, trens e outros espaços causou um pico no número de vacinações semanais

Business & Government Intermediate read

Fing Data Day

Join the Fing Data Day and explore the strategic opportunities to co-design data projects between cities. To help you prepare to take part in the discussion, we drafted this extensive participant handbook.

[Simples] Enviado digital francês explica a saída do Facebook e do WhatsApp

Henri Verdier, embaixador da França para assuntos digitais, disse que a decisão foi pessoal e política. Ele decidiu em 1º de fevereiro que deixaria permanentemente a rede social e o aplicativo de mensagens de sua propriedade.

[Simple] French digital envoy explains departure from Facebook and WhatsApp

Henri Verdier, France’s ambassador for digital affairs, said the decision was both personal and political. He decided on February 1 that he would permanently leave the social network and the messaging app it owns.

Multa de € 50 milhões para o Google confirmada pelo Tribunal Francês

Após uma reclamação da noyb e uma reclamação semelhante da ONG francesa “La Quadrature du Net”, a Autoridade Francesa de Proteção de Dados (CNIL) impôs uma multa de 50 milhões de euros ao Google por conta da política de privacidade opaca da empresa e da falta de base legal para Publicidades.

€50 million fine for Google confirmed by French Court

Following a complaint by noyb and a similar complaint by the French NGO “La Quadrature du Net”, the CNIL (the French Data Protection Authority) imposed a 50 million euro fine on Google over the company’s opaque privacy policy and lack of legal basis for personalized ads.

The (not so) Global Forum on AI for Humanity

Earlier this week, I traveled to Paris to attend the Global Forum on Artificial Intelligence for Humanity (GFIAH). The by-invitation event featured one day of workshops addressing issues such as AI and culture, followed by a two days of panels on developing trustworthy AI, data governance, the future of work, delegating decisions to machines, bias and AI, and future challenges. The event was a part of the French government's effort to take the lead on developing a new AI regulatory framework that it describes as a 'third way', distinct from the approach to AI in China and the United States.