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Why the Shift to Machine-Readable Humans Demands Better Digital ID Governance

Mobile passes, QR codes and other digital credentials are increasingly required to access all manner of venues, activities and experiences in the physical world. Yet, despite our increasing exposure through digital identification, we have few laws or even norms to adequately govern these systems.

Agile Governance of Humans and AI: The Case of Japan

If you are interested in governance models, technology and AI, you might find it interesting to learn more about Japan’s recent “Agile Governance” proposal. You can find more info and links, as well as the conversation with Mr. Hiroki Habuka who was the main person driving this project further here.

Governança ágil de humanos e IA: o caso japonês

Se você tem interesse em modelos de governança, tecnologia e IA, você provavelmente vai se interessar em saber mais sobre o recente modelo de "Governança Ágil" do Japão. Mais informações, links e uma conversa com o Sr. Hiroki Habuka, principal dirigente desse projeto, podem ser encontradas acessando o link abaixo

Business & Government Intermediate read

Agile Governance of Humans and AI: The Case of Japan

If you are interested in governance models, technology and AI, you might find it interesting to learn more about Japan’s recent “Agile Governance” proposal. You can find more info and links, as well as the conversation with Mr. Hiroki Habuka who was the main person driving this project further here.

Relatório de Desenvolvimento Mundial 2021: Dados para Vidas Melhores

Os dados são uma arma poderosa na luta contra a pobreza, podendo potencialmente transformar as vidas das pessoas pobres. Mas trata-se também de uma faca de dois gumes. Tornam-se necessárias novas regras - um contrato social para os dados - para que se possa extrair mais valor dos dados ao mesmo tempo em que se proteja as pessoas contra danos e se garanta acessibilidade e representação.

[Intermediate] World Development Report 2021: Data for Better Lives

Data is a powerful weapon in the fight against poverty—one that can potentially transform the lives of poor people. But it’s also a double-edged sword. New rules of the road are called for—a social contract for data—to get more value out of data while protecting people against harm and ensuring access and representation.

6 especialistas em questões de política de dados respondem sobre o tópico mais atual da área

No âmbito da Global Technology Governance Summit, realizada nos dias 6 e 7 de Abril de 2021, seis especialistas foram perguntados: Qual é a questão de política de dados que vocês consideram mais importante nesse momento?

[Simple] 6 data policy issues experts are tracking right now

For the Global Technology Governance Summit, on 6-7 April 2021 six experts were asked: What is the key issue in data policy that is top of mind for you right now?

(Intermediate) Applying human-centred design principles to data governance

A democratic approach to policy-making calls for reliable and timely information to ensure effective decision making. The Government of Indonesia in light of this has introduced the Satu Data Initiative to improve the quality of data governance, not just for policy-making but also to increase transparency with open data for citizens.

[Intermediate] What does the EU's Data Governance Act mean for smart cities?

A new approach to data sharing outlined by the European Commission (EC) last week could accelerate smart city initiatives. Potential benefits include more advanced solutions to climate change, health and mobility challenges; better ability to port innovation between cities; and new personalised services for residents.

[Intermediário] O que a Lei de Governança de Dados da UE significa para cidades inteligentes?

Uma nova abordagem para compartilhamento de dados delineada pela Comissão Europeia (CE) na semana passada poderia acelerar as iniciativas de cidades inteligentes. Os benefícios potenciais incluem soluções mais avançadas para os desafios da mudança climática, saúde e mobilidade; melhor capacidade de transportar inovação entre as cidades; e novos serviços personalizados para residentes.

Operadores MyData prontos para acelerar a proposta de Lei Europeia de Governança de Dados

Este artigo analisa as principais conclusões da Lei de Governança de Dados e descreve como um operador MyData atende às necessidades funcionais e de governança de uma economia de dados transparente e confiável.

MyData operators set to accelerate the proposed European Data Governance Act

This article takes a look at the key takeaways from the Data Governance Act and elaborates on how a MyData operator satisfies the functional and governance needs of a transparent and trustworthy data economy.

Eu Data Governance Act: Now 8 Weeks Consultation

And there are multiple statements about this Data Governance Act: Euractiva, Sitra, Brussels Morning newspaper with a statement of Teemu

Lei de governança de dados da UE: consulta agora em 8 semanas

E há várias declarações sobre esta Lei de Governança de Dados: Euractiva, Sitra e Brussels Morning com uma declaração de Teemu.

Principais insights do vazamento da Lei de Governança de Dados da UE

Uma cópia vazada da Lei de Governança de Dados da Comissão Europeia revela os principais insights sobre como a Comissão buscará implementar sua Estratégia Europeia de Dados.

Key insights from the leaked EU Data Governance Act

Leaked copy of the European Commission’s Data Governance Act reveals key insights into how the Commission will seek to implement its European Strategy for Data.

MyData view on the leaked EU Data Governance Act

More than 20 experts from the MyData community compiled a collective response to the act. Many of them representing personal data intermediaries. The official publication of the European Commission proposal is expected within a few weeks.

Visão do MyData sobre o vazamento da Lei de Governança de Dados da UE

Mais de 20 especialistas da comunidade MyData compilaram uma resposta coletiva ao ato. Muitos deles representam intermediários de dados pessoais. A publicação oficial da proposta da Comissão Europeia está prevista para dentro de algumas semanas.

List of (potentially) unfair practices

An unofficial whitelist and blacklist of practices of data gatekeepers.

Regulation, the Internet Way (White Paper)

We are in the transition from an industrial society to an information society. As we've learned from the first 25 years of the life with the web, in the world of networked information, problems get solved differently – almost oppositely – than they did previously.

Data Trusts and the EU Data Strategy

The EU’s draft data strategy set out its aim to promote a European data economy, while protecting individual rights and embedding ethical considerations in data governance. Data trusts offer a tool for bridging the gap between aspirations to share data and concerns about individual rights.
And Viivi shared an article with the US view on the EU funding personal data spaces as a trust: The EU is launching a market for personal data. Here’s what that means for privacy.

Data Trusts and the EU Data Strategy

O projeto de estratégia de dados da UE estabeleceu o objetivo de promover uma economia europeia de dados, protegendo os direitos individuais e incorporando considerações éticas na governança de dados. Os fundos de confiança de dados oferecem uma ferramenta para preencher a lacuna entre as aspirações de compartilhar dados e as preocupações com os direitos individuais. E Viivi compartilhou um artigo com a visão dos EUA sobre o financiamento espaços de dados pessoais como um fundo pela União Europeia, que está lançando um mercado para dados pessoais. Isso é o que significa privacidade.

Data Commons & Data Trust

Como as relações de confiança de dados se relacionam com os dados comuns? Ao tentar entender os muitos modelos de governança de dados e acordos de compartilhamento de dados existentes, essa pergunta é muito frequente. Este artigo fornece alguns insights básicos sobre a relação entre um data commons e um data trust. E o autor (Anouk Ruhaak) também compilou uma lista de leituras abrangente sobre o tema Data Trusts.

Data Commons & Data Trust

How do data trusts relate to data commons? When trying to make sense of the many data governance models and data sharing arrangements in existence this question comes up a lot. This article gives some basic insights into the relationship between a data commons and a data trust.
And the author (Anouk Ruhaak) also compiled a comprehensive reading list about the topic of Data Trusts.

In 10 years from now...

How does your ideal digital future look like? Explore four scenarios on different data governance models and how this might shape our future.

A Plurilateral “Single Data Area” Is the Solution to Canada’s Data Trilemma

Canada (and other countries) faces what can be called the data trilemma, whereby it is not possible to have simultaneously data that flows freely across borders, a high-trust data environment and a national data protection regime; one of these three objectives has to give so that only two are effectively possible at the same time. To resolve the data trilemma, Canada should work with its key economic partners — namely the European Union, Japan and the United States — to develop a single data area that would be managed by an international data standards board.

Thematic group: A New Governance

This initiative is a bit particular, with a focus of designing a governance model for a way how to translate GDPR requirements into technical standards. Your contributions on figuring out the governance model are more than welcome - we’ve organised a channel #anewgovernance where you can stay up to date of the developments.

Artificial Intelligence Governance and Ethics: Global Perspectives

AI is increasingly being embedded in our lives, supplementing our pervasive use of digital technologies. But this is being accompanied by disquiet over problematic and dangerous implementations of AI, or indeed, even AI itself deciding to do dangerous and problematic actions, especially in fields such as the military, medicine and criminal justice.

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Developers Intermediate read

Exploring collective governance approaches to personal data exchange platforms

Call for participation in research: Participatory data infrastructures such as data platforms could facilitate the collective management, interpretation and use of data aggregates. But what platforms exist to implement such practices? Are you a designer exploring collective governance mechanisms for data use? We would love to hear from you!

[Advanced] AI Governance in Japan Ver. 1.0 (Interim Report)

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), a government ministry in Japan, has released "AI Governance in Japan Ver. 1.0 (Interim Report)" for public comment. Since the issues addressed in the report are common global issues and require international collaboration, the ministry would like to receive a wide range of opinions not only from Japan but also from other countries.

What data governance projects/products inspire you?

Mozilla’s Insights team is on the lookout for innovative data governance projects and products anywhere in the world (and in any language) that manage and share benefits from datasets in new and interesting ways. From data coops and data commons projects, to data trusts, personal data storage solutions and more, we’re interested in learning about models that differ from standard corporate models - that give more power to the people represented within or affected by the data, or that share the value/benefits derived from data.

Quais projetos e/ou produtos de governança de dados inspiram você?

A equipe do Mozilla Insights está à procura de projetos inovadores de governança de dados em qualquer lugar do mundo (e em qualquer idioma) que gerenciem e compartilhem benefícios dos conjuntos de dados de maneiras novas e interessantes. Desde projetos de cooperativas de dados e de bens comuns a dados, relações de confiança de dados, soluções de armazenamento de dados pessoais e muito mais, estamos interessados em aprender sobre modelos que diferem dos modelos corporativos padrão - que dão mais poder às pessoas representadas ou afetadas pelos dados, ou que compartilham os benefícios derivados dos dados.

Proposal for Governance of Collaborative Processes

I think some combination of the board, the steering group and the GM should aim to get three structured tracks going for Request for Comments, Call for Proposals and MyData Enhancement Proposals. This of course mirrors in process the way many technical communities structure themselves, with the hope of tapping more effectively into the diverse skills of the community, without having to “ask for permission”.