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[Intermediate] Thinking of DID? KERI On

Work under the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) hood continues on Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs): Key Event Receipt Infrastructure to expand the reach of DIDs

[Intermediário] Princípios de SSI - Sovrin

Esses princípios básicos de SSI (disponíveis em 15 idiomas) devem ser usados ​​por qualquer ecossistema de identidade digital. Qualquer organização é bem-vinda para incorporar esses princípios em sua estrutura de governança do ecossistema de identidade digital, desde que estejam incluídos em sua totalidade. Os princípios da SSI devem ser limitados apenas pelas leis e regulamentos oficiais que se aplicam em uma jurisdição relevante.

[Intermediate] Principles of SSI - Sovrin

These foundational principles of SSI (available in 15 languages) are intended for use by any digital identity ecosystem. Any organization is welcomed to incorporate these principles into its digital identity ecosystem governance framework provided they are included in their entirety. The principles of SSI shall be limited only by official laws and regulations that apply in a relevant jurisdiction.

Aplique para a bolsa Ethereum Swarm!

O Swarm está concedendo tokens aos desenvolvedores para promover projetos experimentais usando o uso de armazenamento descentralizado nas cidades.

Apply for Ethereum Swarm grant!

Swarm is granting tokens to devlopers for promoting experimental projects using decentralized storage usage for cities.

On Privacy versus Freedom

There’s been a rather interesting disagreement between two guys from Signal and Matrix recently. Many of the points they make relating to building competitive, privacy/freedom-protecting products and the difficulties are quite relevant. Here is the original post from Signal that lead now to the response from Matrix.

Invitation to DWeb Camp

The Decentralized Web Camp will be from July 18th - 21st and you are invited to join.


Jolocom builds global infrastructure to support decentralized digital identity management. Smart agents own and control the data that defines them, a prerequisite for self-sovereign identity.


OpenMined is an open-source community whose goal is to make the world more privacy-preserving by lowering the barrier-to-entry to private AI technologies.

Universal Resolver

A Universal Resolver is an identifier resolver that works with any decentralized identifier system, including Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs).