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eIDAS and the European Digital Identity Wallet

In 2021 the European Commission announced the European digital identity wallet. This article explains the basic concepts, highlights the significance of this development and provides an overview of the status quo.

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European Digital Identity Architecture and Reference Framework

This document provides a summary description of the eIDAS expert group’s understanding of the EUDI Wallet concept.

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Decentralized Identity & Government (Video: 56min)

Up until recently, the majority of digital identity systems have been federated, where a small group of “identity providers” supply individuals with a digital identity that can be used to access other websites and services within the federation. Now we’re seeing the shift to decentralized identity solutions and open ecosystems based on verifiable credentials, where anyone can participate, issue, and verify.

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Electronic Signature Laws & Regulations - The European Union

Also to be remembered with eIDAS, it’s not only about electronic identification, but heavily on digital signing. A good analysis including ‘failures’, derogations and national deviations is available here.

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Proposed Amendment to eIDAS

The EU Commission proposed back in June 2021 to amend eIDAS. Here also a webinar that introduces the topic.

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Revision of the eIDAS Regulation–European Digital Identity

With eIDAS, the EU has laid the foundations and a predictable legal framework for people, companies (in particular SMEs) and public administrations to safely access services and carry out transactions online and across border. Despite undisputed achievements, the potential of electronic identification and authentication under eIDAS remains underexploited.

[Avançado] Revisão do Regulamento eIDAS - Identidade Digital Europeia

Com o eIDAS, a UE lançou as bases e um quadro jurídico previsível para que pessoas, empresas (em particular as PME) e administrações públicas tenham acesso seguro aos serviços e realizem transações online e transfronteiras. Apesar das conquistas incontestáveis, o potencial da identificação e autenticação eletrônicas no eIDAS permanece subexplorado.