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Datasphere Initiative

The Datasphere Initiative’s mission is to responsibly unlock the value of data for all. They have been mapping all of the different organisations working on data governance. (Early access of the publication here with password: "Atlas62501" - MyData is on page 52)

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Iniciativa Datasphere

A missão da Iniciativa Datasphere (Datasphere Initiative) é desbloquear o valor dos dados para todos de forma responsável. Eles vêm mapeando todas as diferentes organizações que trabalham com governança de dados. (Acesse antecipadamente a publicação aqui utilizando a senha: "Atlas62501" - O MyData está na página 52)

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Data Act’s proposed rules for data sharing, cloud switching, interoperability

The Data Act proposal defines the rules for sharing data, conditions for access by public bodies, international data transfers, cloud switching and interoperability, according to a leaked draft.

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Co-managing My Data

This paper sets out a vision for what could become a sustainable set of processes around the sourcing, management, and use of personal data. Our context for doing so is that the current model for personal data management on the Internet is badly broken and has architectural limitations that are largely un-resolvable.

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The “9Rs Framework”: Establishing the Business Case for Data Collaboration and Re-Using Data in the Public Interest

For all the discussion of the societal value of having organizations provide access to their data, there’s been little discussion of the business case on why to make data available for reuse. The Open Data Policy Lab addresses these questions with its “9R Framework,” a method for describing and identifying the business case for data reuse for the public good.

[Simple] Wanted: rules for pandemic data access that everyone can trust

In the wake of COVID, a pandemic treaty could be a way to agree on data access before the next emergency strikes.

Procura-se: regras para acesso a dados pandêmicos em que todos possam confiar

Com a COVID-19, um tratado pandêmico pode ser uma maneira de se chegar a um consenso sobre o acesso a dados antes que a próxima emergência ocorra.

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The EU's Data Governance Act just part of data sharing puzzle

The proposed new EU Data Governance Act (DGA) is a positive step towards to enabling data-driven innovation. It has the potential to revolutionise data sharing between organisations to the benefit of businesses and society more generally.

[Intermediário] A Lei de Governança de Dados da UE apenas parte do quebra-cabeça de compartilhamento de dados

A proposta da nova Lei de Governança de Dados da UE (DGA) é um passo positivo para permitir a inovação baseada em dados. Ele tem o potencial de revolucionar o compartilhamento de dados entre organizações para o benefício das empresas e da sociedade em geral.

[Intermediate] What Medical Data Is Israel Sharing With Pfizer - and Is It Protected?

Israel is considered a world leader in medical data, which is partly why it has received priority access to the COVID-19 vaccines. Experts agree that the Pfizer deal offers reasonable protection of citizens’ personal data - but some parts of the deal prompt questions that need answering.

Health Data Sharing to Support Better Outcomes

This Special Publication outlines a number of potentially valuable policy changes and actions that will help drive toward effective, efficient, and ethical data sharing, including more compelling and widespread communication efforts to improve awareness, understanding, and participation in data sharing.

Compartilhamento de dados de saúde para oferecer melhores resultados

Esta Publicação Especial descreve uma série de mudanças de política potencialmente valiosas e ações que ajudarão a impulsionar o compartilhamento de dados ético, eficiente e eficaz, incluindo esforços de comunicação mais abrangentes e abrangentes para melhorar a conscientização, compreensão e participação no compartilhamento de dados.

Uma estrutura baseada em blockchain para compartilhamento de registros médicos eletrônicos com controle de acesso refinado

Bom trabalho Universidade de Wuhan. É ótimo ver engenheiros chineses trabalhando em plataformas relacionadas a dados pessoais. No entanto, precisava de um passo extra para se tornar mais centrado no ser humano. O paciente deve ter controle total, não o médico.

A blockchain-based framework for electronic medical records sharing with fine-grained access control

Good job Wuhan University. It is great to see Chinese engineers working on personal data related platform. However, needed one extra step to become more human-centric. The patient should have the full control not the doctor.

Personal Data Sharing: Governance as a Game Changer

A-New-Governance association is working to bring together international players for a governance of standards for the circulation of personal data. This publication is an invitation to collaboratively consider the creation of common technical standards for this infrastructure, so that every stakeholders of the economy may benefit and prosper.

Escolhendo uma estrutura de compartilhamento de dados — relações de confiança de dados

Esta postagem explora como podemos mapear a adequação de diferentes estruturas de compartilhamento de dados para diferentes tipos de uso de dados.

Choosing a data sharing structure — Data trusts

This post explores how we might map the suitability of different data sharing structures to different types of data use.

Aplique para a bolsa Ethereum Swarm!

O Swarm está concedendo tokens aos desenvolvedores para promover projetos experimentais usando o uso de armazenamento descentralizado nas cidades.

Apply for Ethereum Swarm grant!

Swarm is granting tokens to devlopers for promoting experimental projects using decentralized storage usage for cities.

Precisamos mudar a forma como compartilhamos nossos dados pessoais on-line em tempos de COVID-19

O COVID-19 ressalta com que urgência precisamos de uma nova abordagem para organizar e compartilhar dados pessoais, escreve Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

We Need to Change How We Share Our Personal Data Online in the Age of COVID-19

COVID-19 underscores how urgently we need a new approach to organizing and sharing personal data writes Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Apple joins Google, Facebook, and Twitter in data-sharing project

The Data Transfer Project wants to make it easy to move data between services but be sure to read comments from Paul-Olivier Dehaye and Lasse Rouhiainen on the data-sharing project as well!

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[Advanced] i4Trust Open Calls

i4Trust is building a sustainable ecosystem where companies will be able to create innovative services by means of breaking “data silos” through sharing, re-using and trading of data assets.


DECODE provides tools that put individuals in control of whether they keep their personal data private or share it for the public good.

Ocean Protocol

Data owners and consumers use Ocean Market app to publish, discover, and consume data in a secure, privacy-preserving fashion.