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33 organisations receive the MyData Operator 2022 Award

The MyData Operator Award recognises personal data companies that have shown leadership by empowering individuals to control their personal data. As promoted by the European Commission, putting people in the centre of digital transformations is needed for a safe and sustainable digital future. Further, boosting data sharing and ensuring its trustworthiness is critical to reaping the benefits of our digitised lives. Organisations awarded with the MyData Operator Award are vital enablers for such a vision, providing value for companies and individuals alike.

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MyData Global in motion – key developments in 2022

In this blog post, newly appointed Deputy general manager Sille Sepp explains the main developments for MyData Global in 2022 – Collective sensemaking and channels for impact, Strengthening the MyData brand, Renovating the infrastructure of MyData Global, and Changes in the staff and leadership team.

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MyData Global em movimento – principais desenvolvimentos em 2022

Nesse post em nosso blog, a recém nomeada vice Gerente Geral Sille Sepp explica os principais desenvolvimentos do MyData Global em 2022 - a formação de sentidos coletiva e os canais para impacto; o fortalecimento da marca MyData; a renovação da infraestrutura do MyData Global e as mudanças no pessoal e na equipe de liderança.

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Smart city challenge / Finest Twin Cities

FinEst Centre for Smart Cities is an Estonian-Finnish collaboration and MyData was part of a 2020 challenge. It has now been shortlisted as one of five project to move forward: Citizen Data Roaming.

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MyData, My Climate, and My Carbon

With COP26 taking place this week, governments, companies, and individuals are discussing how we can all reduce our carbon emissions. The task is monumental, and technology has an important role to play – both in reducing its own carbon footprint and in helping the wider world track and reduce their emissions. This blog post gives a few examples from MyData Global’s supporting companies and organisations that are helping people improve their sustainability.

State of MyData 2021

Nós recentemente publicamos o documento State of MyData 2021 que apresenta um retrato do caminho rumo a uma abordagem dos dados pessoais centrada em seres humanos, destacando a jornada da interoperabilidade, o #design centrado em humanos e as #cidades como pioneiras chave para o MyData como os principais temas de 2021.

[Simple] State of MyData 2021

We’ve newly released the State of MyData 2021 publication which presents a snapshot of the pathway towards human-centric approach to personal data, highlighting the journey of interoperability, human-centered #design and #cities as key pioneers for MyData as key themes of 2021.

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City of Helsinki adopts MyData principles to improve digital services

The City of Helsinki has adopted MyData principles as it attempts to become the most functional digital city on the planet through proactive digital services.

[Avançado] Visão de MyData sobre a Lei de Governança de Dados da UE

Rumo a intermediários de dados interconectados e centrados no ser humano: a resposta global da MyData à Lei de Governança de Dados em 8 de fevereiro de 2021.

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MyData's View on EU Data Governance Act

Towards interconnected and human-centric data intermediaries: MyData Global response to Data Governance Act on February 8th 2021.

O que MyData Global alcançou até agora e por que participar de nossa jornada

A organização MyData Global tem 2 anos e, independentemente das circunstâncias excepcionais, fizemos um progresso significativo em direção à nossa visão! Leia mais sobre as conquistas na postagem do blog de nosso incrível gerente geral Teemu Ropponen.

What has MyData Global achieved thus far and why join our journey

MyData Global organisation is 2 years old and regardless of the exceptional circumstances, we have made significant progress towards our vision! Read more about the achievements from the blog post by our amazing general manager Teemu Ropponen.

New MyData Global Brand Video (YouTube: 1:47min)

Check out our fresh new MyData Global BRAND VIDEO - please share it to your networks with a call-to-action join us on December at the MyData Online 2020 Conference!

Novo vídeo da marca global MyData (YouTube: 1:47min)

Confira nosso novo MyData Global brand video - por favor, compartilhe com suas redes com uma call-to-action, junte-se a nós em dezembro na MyData Online 2020 Conference!

The Data Dollar Store - A Data Shopping Social Experiment by Kaspersky Lab

Huge amount of white papers, researches and conferences had been conveying the same message that protecting personal data is important.

This genius idea of asking you to pay with your data in person makes it really "personal"!

The Data Dollar Store - Um Experimento Social de Compra de Dados da Kaspersky Lab

Uma grande quantidade de white papers, pesquisas e conferências transmitiram a mesma mensagem: proteger os dados pessoais é importante.

Esta ideia genial de pedir-lhe para pagar pessoalmente com os seus dados torna-o realmente "pessoal"!

MyData White Paper - 3rd, revised edition (PDF)

A new English version of the MyData white paper was published! The last white paper in English was released 5years ago, and it was about time to package all the everevolving MyData's thinking and doing into a new paper.
Congratulations to everybody who contributed to this work, and thank you Viivi Lähteenoja and the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland for making this happen.

Artigo MyData - 3ª edição revisada (PDF)

Uma nova versão em inglês do white paper MyData foi publicada! O último white paper em inglês foi lançado há 5 anos, e era hora de agrupar todas as idéias e ações em constante evolução do MyData em um novo jornal. Parabéns a todos que contribuíram para este trabalho, e obrigado Viivi Lähteenoja e o Ministério dos Transportes e Comunicações da Finlândia por fazerem isso acontecer.

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MyData 2022 Conference: Call for Proposals

One-third of the MyData 2022 conference programme showcases content from the broad community of professionals representing business, legal, tech, and social perspectives. Proposals should align to the thematic focuses of the conference programme (list available at the programme page), although suggestions for additional topics can be made. Submit your proposal through this form latest by 24 April (midnight UTC).

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MyData Global Elections

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors or on the Steering Committee, please visit to submit your application! Please keep in mind that the application form will close on September 20!