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These forward-thinking organisations have chosen to pool their experience and expertise in order to pave the way for responsible personal data ecosystems which are designed from the ground up to empower the people themselves.

Status do Operador MyData 2020 premia 16 organizações ao redor do mundo

Essas organizações com perspectiva visionária optaram por reunir suas experiências e conhecimentos, a fim de pavimentar o caminho para ecossistemas de dados pessoais responsáveis, que projetados desde seu início para capacitar as próprias pessoas.

世界 16 の企業・団体が MYDATA OPERATOR 2020 の座に輝く


MyData Online 2020 Conferenceのご案内 (動画約6分)

2020年12月10日から12日にかけて、MyData Online 2020 Conference がオンライン開催されます。テーマは、「Radical collaboration for designing the new normal」。新型コロナウイルスの拡大、パーソナルデータを取り巻く環境。私たちの暮らしは激変しています。課題解決に向けてどのように協働していけばよいでしょうか。カンファレンスには企業、非営利団体、教育・研究機関、政府など幅広い分野から参加者が集い、意見を交わす予定です。詳細はMyData Online 2020 Conference公式サイトをご覧ください。

Announcement for the MyData Online 2020 Conference (Video: 6:02min)

Save the dates 10 - 12 December 2020 for the MyData Online 2020 Conference themed: Radical collaboration for designing the new normal

Anúncio da Conferência Online MyData 2020 (Vídeo: 6:02min)

Salve as datas de 10 a 12 de dezembro de 2020 para a conferência Conferência MyData Online 2020, com o tema "Colaboração Radical para Projetar o Novo Normal".

MyData mentioned in the Guardian

Not so long ago we searched Google. Now we seem quite happy to let Google search us. Will we just accept our loss of privacy, or has the techlash already begun?

Personal data innovation: sharing power to build trust

Welcome to the new series of blogs created in collaboration with In the #MyDataTalks series we will be exploring the guiding beliefs and motivations of some of the people in the MyData movement. In the very first post you can read about @Alex Bowyer’s research on personal data and the (im)balance of power.

Community Blog: Trust-based data-sharing models

Trust must be integrated into all aspects of business, data sharing included. A data economy based on trust is an essential part of socially responsible activities.

MyData Gold Partner: Sitra

We wish to express our ever growing gratitude in here also to our long time supporter and partner the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. Without them the road toward realizing the MyData vision would be much harder.

MyData 2019 Presenter Highlights

We are extremely happy to have these acclaimed people coming to the #MyData2019 conference and helping us make better use of #PersonalData a reality.

Keynote presenter: Audrey Tang (Digital Minister of Taiwan)

Keynote presenter at the MyData2019: Audrey Tang, the Digital Minister of Taiwan is a free software programmer who has been described as one of the 'ten greats of Taiwanese computing personalities'.

Keynote presenter: Alexander Stubb (former Prime Minister of Finland)

Keynote presenter at the MyData2019: Alexander Stubb is the former Prime Minister of Finland and currently the Vice President of the European Investment Bank.

MyData 2019 comms and marketing 101 for the community

Anna Ansku Tuomainen has created a folder (linked in the title) to support us in communicating MyData. The 101 doc is currently mostly about the conference but you are encouraged to creatively use the materials also for any comms needs you have. Also important is to remember to tag @mydataorg in your tweets and posts so those can be forwarded in the main channel.

MyData 2019 conference prgoramme launch & the Hub Finland Kickoff on 10th June 2019

Tune in to the Twitter livestream (@mydataorg) of the MyData 2019 programme launch and if you are in Helsinki join us in person for the celebration.

MyData in the Finnish Government Agenda

Finland had the new Government Agenda agreed on MyData (omadata) is mentioned 3 times in the new programme.

Questions Asked
Formato da Conferência MyData Online 2020

Ajude-nos a decidir sobre a duração do programa para a Conferência MyData Online 2020:

  • Programa mais leve, 5 dias;
  • Programa intensivo, 3 dias.
Format of the MyData Online 2020 Conference

Help us decide about the programme length for MyData Online 2020 Conference:

  • Lighter program, 5 days
  • Intensive program, 3 days
Call for webinar topics 2020

After 4 succesful webinars in 2019, we would like to give you the opportunity to have your say on what we should present in 2020. Click the link to find a few suggestions and a place to add your own suggestion. What topics would you like learn more?

Challenge from Carole Cadwalladr (Video: 1:10min)

@carolecadwalla from the Guardian wants to find out what acutally happend inside Facebook during Brexit and US elections. And how can we make the underlying data public?

Short video clips during conference

Does anyone have experience and/or interest to make short video clips during the conference? Or do you know anyone who could do this? The idea is to do short interviews with participants and post them on the social media. Similar to the interview with Kaliya Yount at MyData2018

Please share MyData2019 message on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

This year we have thrilling possibilities to reach influence on political level because The MyData 2019 conference is officially an associated event of Finland's EU Presidency!

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