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Data Trusts: Ethics, Architecture and Governance for Trustworthy Data Stewardship

A data trust works within the law to provide ethical, architecturaland governancesupport for trustworthy data processing.

MyData vs COVID-19

A blog post on MyData vs COVID-19 describing who we are, what we do and why people should join the efforts now!

Beyond a Human Rights-based approach to AI Governance

This paper discusses the establishment of a governance framework to secure the development and deployment of “good AI”, and describes the quest for a morally objective compass to steer it.

Cluster Headaches - Data to become pain free (Video: 8:00min)

An patient expermiment to setup our own community research and try to find out how effective our treatments are, based on data we collect ourselves.


Cost for Developing a Personal Data Store

I have been asked to find out what the cost would be to hire developers to create a personal data store.


Quantified Flu

We’ve shared this today with Open Humans.

Zoom about Zoom: “Many are using Zoom, a US start-up with no specific privacy-focus, and a very complex privacy policy, and thus we can not recommend it.”

MyData コミュニティからの情報


  • Jogiは「MyData Global surviving the pandemic(和訳:MyData Globalはこのパンデミックを乗り切る)」に関して SWOT分析を作成しました。
    > SWOT - Strengths(強み)、Weaknesses(弱み)、 Opportunities(機会)、Threats(脅威)
  • TeemuはMyData Globalの作業に影響を与えるCOVID19の全体像についての考えを共有しました。
  • Teemuは3月の理事会に備えてビデオブリーフィングを行いました。
  • Teemuは「MyData Global in the times of COVID19」に関する文書を開始しました。
  • 2020年3月の理事会が3月26日木曜日に開催され、ここにメモが用意されています。


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