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[Intermediate] Community-as-a-Service: A Business Model for the 21st Century

How communities generate value and how content creators are profiting from it.

[Intermediate] The European Data Governance Act from a data sovereignty perspective

We are keen to share our thoughts on how the Data Governance Act (DGA) can help to advance Europe’s digital economy in practice. Therefore, we organised a live webinar on 25 May 2021.

[Simple] Clubhouse’s security and privacy lag behind its explosive growth

In recent months, the audio-based social media app Clubhouse has emerged as Silicon Valley's latest disruptive darling. The format feels familiar: part Twitter, part Facebook Live, part talking on the phone. But as Clubhouse continues to expand, its security and privacy failings have come under increased scrutiny—and left the company scrambling to correct problems and manage expectations.

[Simple] The HyperClick Podcast (Audio: 23:02min)

Interesting podcast about clicking the "yes, I accept" by Julia Janssen. (Shared by Schluss).

[Intermediate] Women in Tech Report

Where are we now? Understanding the evolution of women in technology.

[Intermediário] Mulheres no Relatório Técnico

Onde estamos agora? Compreender a evolução das mulheres em tecnologia.

[Intermediate] A New Paradigm for Business of Data

The World Economic Forum captures in this paper replicable learnings and practices from organizations leading the way in ushering in a new business paradigm for data that empowers stakeholders, is grounded in ecosystem partnerships and creates sustainable value for all. It provides a starting point for an ongoing programme to develop new playbooks for executive action and share lighthouse innovations.

[Intermediário] Um Novo Paradigma para Negócios de Dados

O Fórum Econômico Mundial captura neste documento aprendizagens e práticas replicáveis ​​de organizações que lideram o caminho para inaugurar um novo paradigma de negócios para dados que capacita as partes interessadas, é baseado em parcerias de ecossistema e cria valor sustentável para todos. Ele fornece um ponto de partida para um programa contínuo para desenvolver novos manuais para ação executiva e compartilhar inovações de farol.

IATA Travel Pass Key to Reopening Borders Safely

IATA announced that it is in the final development phase of the IATA Travel Pass, a digital health pass that will support the safe reopening of borders.

Chave IATA Travel Pass para reabrir fronteiras com segurança

A IATA anunciou que está na fase final de desenvolvimento do IATA Travel Pass, um passe de saúde digital que apoiará a reabertura segura das fronteiras.

W3C Secure Data Store Standard

Specification to establish a foundational layer for secure data storage (including personal data), specifically data models for storage and transport, syntax, data at rest protection, CRUD API, access control, synchronization, and at least a minimum viable HTTP-based interface compatible with W3C DIDs/VCs.

Padrão de armazenamento seguro de dados do W3C

Especificação para uma camada fundamental para armazenamento seguro de dados (incluindo dados pessoais), especificamente modelos de dados para armazenamento e transporte, sintaxe, proteção de dados em repouso, CRUD API, controle de acesso, sincronização e uma interface baseada em HTTP minimamente viável e compatível com DIDs W3C/VCs.


新型コロナウイルス感染症対策テックチーム Anti-Covid-19 Tech Teamキックオフ会議。

Reclaiming Data Trusts

MyData関連のニュースを週刊でお届けするMyData Weeklyダイジェストの翻訳チームをMyDataJapanとして組成

Zero trust architecture design principles

The design principles around peer DIDs and zero-knowledge proof verifiable credentials.

Pilot project launch by Sumitomo Corporation

Sumitomo Corporation (Head Office in, Tokyo) has launched a pilot project for “iscream,” a consumer-use personal data management/utilization tool. The project involves commercializing the new proposal selected from among applications for the 0→1 Challenge 2018 intrapreneurship program.

‘Social Credit’ May Come to America

The Wall Street Journal has an opinion piece that it no longer seems paranoid to worry about surveillance and facial recognition. And also several scores related services are active in Japan.

The rise of MyData in Japan

On May 15, 2019, MyData Japan conference was held in Tokyo, co-organized by Open Knowledge Japan and MyData Japan.

Apple launches Sign in with Apple button

Apple announced a new Sign in with Apple button as part of its iOS 13 announcements and is marketing this as a privacy-secure sign-in option.

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[Avançado] Takeda Digital Health Innovation Challenge

Estamos lançando esta chamada para aplicativos para promover colaborações em saúde digital e redefinir a jornada do paciente.

[Advanced] Takeda Digital Health Innovation Challenge

We are launching this call for applications to foster collaborations in digital health and redefine the Patient Journey.

Explainable AI related projects?

Just talked to the key persons from Fujitsu's team today. They are involved with implementing Explainable AI. Wondering if there are any MyData experts doing Explainable AI related projects?

Statistics on Data Trade

Anyone has statistic on the followings regarding your local market?
- scale of data trade
- transactions of data trade


FIWARE4Cities: FIWARE is now up and running in more than 200 cities in over 30 countries worldwide. This booklet deep dives into 36 of them.

The Global Data Management Community

Wondering if any MyData members also participate in the following community? It might be great to spread our ideas to them.


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