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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Must Peak Within 4 Years, Says Leaked UN Report

Global greenhouse gas emissions must peak in the next four years, coal and gas-fired power plants must close in the next decade and lifestyle and behavioral changes will be needed to avoid climate breakdown, according to the leaked draft of a report from the world's leading authority on climate science. The leak is from the forthcoming third part of the landmark report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the first part of which was published on Monday, warning of unprecedented changes to the climate, some of them irreversible. The document, called the sixth assessment report, is divided into three parts: the physical science of climate change; the impacts and ways of reducing human influence on the climate.

As emissões de gases do efeito estufa devem atingir seu ápice nos próximos 4 anos, aponta relatório da ONU vazado

As emissões globais de gases do efeito estufa devem atingir o ápice nos próximos 4 anos, usinas elétricas movidas a carvão e gás devem fechar na próxima década e mudanças comportamentais e de estilo de vida serão necessárias para se evitar uma catástrofe climática, de acordo com o rascunho de relatório vazado das principais autoridades em ciência climática no mundo. O vazamento é da terceira parte do relatório publicado pelo Painel Intergovernamental sobre Mudanças Climáticas, cuja primeira parte foi publicada na última semana, alertando sobre as mudanças sem precedentes ocorridas no clima global, algumas delas irreversíveis. O documento é dividido em três partes: a ciência física da mudança climática; os impactos e formas de se reduzir a influência humana no clima.

[Intermediate] Children's Data Governance Manifesto (UNICEF)

Every child is different, with unique identities and their capacities and circumstances evolve over their lifecycle. Children are more vulnerable than adults and are less able to understand the long-term implications of consenting to their data collection. For these reasons, children’s data deserve to be treated differently.

Manifesto para a Governança de Dados de Crianças (UNICEF)

Toda criança é diferente, com uma identidade única e capacidades e circunstâncias que evoluem ao longo de sua vida. Crianças são mais vulneráveis do que adultos e são menos capazes de entender as implicações de longo-prazo de consentir com a coleta de seus dados. Por essas razões, os dados de crianças precisam ser tratados de maneira diferente.

(Advanced) A closer look at the making of our After Dark personas

The recent publication of the After Dark report wrapped up our months long human centered design research with UN Women, which was premised on understanding the experiences of women travelling and using public transportation in the evening time. To better understand these women’s needs, concerns, attitudes and behaviours, we created a set of personas based on insights we gathered across the three cities we surveyed, as well as the anecdotes of women working blue collar, night-shift jobs.

Direitos humanos na era digital

Discurso de Michelle Bachelet, Alta Comissária das Nações Unidas para os Direitos Humanos na Japan Society, Nova York, 17 de outubro de 2019.

A revolução digital é uma importante questão global de direitos humanos. Seus benefícios inquestionáveis ​​não anulam seus riscos inconfundíveis.

Human rights in the digital age

Keynote speech by Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights at Japan Society, New York, 17 October 2019

The digital revolution is a major global human rights issue. Its unquestionable benefits do not cancel out its unmistakable risks.

Human Rights-Based Approach to Data

This report aims to provide general guidance and elements of a common understanding on a Human Rights-Based Approach to Data (HRBAD), with a focus on issues of data collection and disaggregation.

Humanitarian aid in the digital age

I testified yesterday at the UN on 'Humanitarian aid in the digital age'. I was anxious at coming with MyData principles (framed usually for more advanced economies) and trying to apply them to the humanitarian context. Nevertheless the discussion was extremely encouraging, and there was definitely response and even demand for the idea of a bridge on those issues.

UN gives ultimatum to Yemen rebels over reports of aid theft

MyData-like dynamics playing out in high stakes context of famine and humanitarian aid.

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Call for proposals: UN World Data Forum

The UN World Data Forum 2020 (UNWDF 2020) will bring together data leaders from diverse stakeholder groups to exchange ideas, showcase innovations, identify solutions, discuss future strategies, and provide mutual learning opportunities on a wide variety of topics. Submit your session proposals for the #UNDataForum 2020 by 31 January 2020.