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[Simple] Tim Berners-Lee to Remake the Digital World

Tim Berners-Lee wants to put people in control of their personal data. He has technology and a start-up pursuing that goal. Can he succeed?

[Simples] Tim Berners-Lee vai refazer o mundo digital

Tim Berners-Lee quer colocar as pessoas no controle de seus dados pessoais. Ele tem tecnologia e uma start-up perseguindo esse objetivo. Ele pode ter sucesso?

Inrupt lança primeira oferta comercial

Inrupt, a startup do fundador da World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee, anunciou uma versão corporativa da plataforma de privacidade Solid hoje, que permite que grandes organizações e governos criem aplicativos que colocam os usuários no controle de seus dados.

Inrupt releases first commercial offering

Inrupt, the startup from World Wide Web founder Tim Berners-Lee, announced an enterprise version of the Solid privacy platform today, which allows large organizations and governments to build applications that put users in control of their data.

Bruce Schneier joins Inrupt

Bruce Schneier has joined a company called Inrupt as Chief of Security Architecture that is working to bring Tim Berners-Lee's distributed data ownership model that is Solid into the mainstream - think of Inrupt basically as the Red Hat of Solid.

Solid chat and comments

A screenshot from a chat of Solid people and talks to reach out form the MyData community.

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Does somebody know what Sir Tim Berners-Lee thinks of MyData?

Solid (Social Linked Data) is a web decentralization project led by Tim Berners-Lee.