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How to Calculate the Energy Consumption of a Mac

During a recent impact-focused hackathon at work, I found myself working on an interesting sustainability project. Our team’s idea was simple: because almost all employees work remotely using a Mac laptop, could we measure the energy consumption of every employee’s Mac laptop to better understand how much energy it takes to power employee devices, as well as the amount of carbon work devices produce?

The Internet of Bodies is here. This is how it will change our lives

Smart thermometers, digital pills: the Internet of Bodies connects and analyses our health data. Here's what we must do to make the technology work for us.

A Internet dos Corpos está aqui, e é assim que ela irá mudar nossas vidas

Termômetros inteligentes, pílulas digitais: a Internet dos Corpos conecta e analisa nossos dados de saúde. Aqui está o que devemos fazer para que a tecnologia funcione para nós.

Open Source Body: Small data, self-research, open humans

An exploration of individuals using their own data – with a focus on quantified self, open humans, and various examples self-research where individuals collect and use their personal data in new ways.

Open Source Body: pequenos dados, auto-pesquisa, open humans

Uma exploração de indivíduos usando seus próprios dados - com foco em auto quantificado, open humans e vários exemplos de auto-pesquisa em que os indivíduos coletam e usam seus dados pessoais de novas maneiras.

How to Make 10 Million Discoveries

Quantified Self co-founder Gary Wolf’s call for empowering individuals to study themselves with “everyday science”.

Quantified Life (Video: 13:17min)

I have always found this video about self tracking very well done as it also addresses privacy implications for individuals and society coming from this practice besides highlighting the opportunities.