Noteworthy Information
Amsterdã e Helsinque lançam registros de algoritmos para trazer transparência à implantação pública de IA

Os governos europeus nunca deixam de surpreender o mundo com suas mentes inovadoras. Esses registros podem capacitar os cidadãos e dar-lhes uma maneira de avaliar, examinar ou questionar as aplicações governamentais de IA.



Amsterdam and Helsinki launch algorithm registries to bring transparency to public deployment of AI

European governments never fail to surprise the world with their innovative minds. Such registries can empower citizens and give them a way to evaluate, examine, or question governments’ applications of AI.

Por que agora é a hora da "inovação aberta"?

O Covid-19 mostrou como as empresas podem trabalhar juntas para resolver problemas.

Why Now Is the Time for “Open Innovation”

Covid-19 has shown how companies can work together to solve problems.

Why Google’s Move into Patient Information Is a Big Deal

We are obviously at the beginning of what will likely be a long, contentious, and vital debate over how to manage personal health information in the digital age... patients have an undeniable right to privacy and control over their personal health data.