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Our Rights in the Digital World

In March 2021 General Comment 25 on children’s rights in relation to the digital environment was adopted by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. This authoritative document set out for the first time that children’s rights apply equally online and offline, its 10,700 words offers a comprehensive vision for how states should interpret children’s rights in relation to the digital world.

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Nossos direitos no mundo digital

Em março de 2021, o Comentário Geral nº 25 sobre os direitos das crianças no ambiente digital foi adotado pelo Comitê dos Direitos da Criança das Nações Unidas. Esse documento oficial estabeleceu pela primeira vez que os direitos das crianças se aplicam igualmente tanto no ambiente online quanto no offline. Suas 10.700 palavras oferecem uma visão abrangente sobre como os Estados devem interpretar os direitos das crianças com relação ao mundo digital.

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Online Games Gamble with Children's Data (PDF, 30 páginas)

A maneira como os jogos para celulares coletam informações sobre seus usuários permanece incrivelmente obscura, assim como os detalhes sobre o tipo de informação que eles coletam. O fato de tudo ser tão confuso é parte do argumento, obviamente. Como resultado, os jogos móveis conseguiram fugir do nível de escrutínio que aplicamos a empresas de redes sociais, apesar de serem - por excelência - tão populares quanto essas e muito mais prováveis de serem utilizados por crianças.

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Online Games Gamble with Children's Data (PDF, 30 pages)

The way mobile games collect information about their users, and the details of what type of information they’re collecting, remains incredible opaque. The fact that it’s all so confusing is kind of the point, obviously. As a result, mobile games have escaped the level of scrutiny we’ve applied to social media companies, despite being – as category – nearly equally popular and far more likely to be used by children.

MyData Design Checklist

I am working with Jogi for the Vake MyData Accelerator in Finland. Our aim is to bring the Design & User dimension to the core of the solutions the participating companies are developing. In an effort to give useful tools to implement MyData principles, I have started to draft a 'MyData Design Checklist'. This is the very first rough draft, and I would be very thankful for any feedback. And if you have worked on something similar, please do share your experiences.

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MyData Glosary

Is there somewhere a glossary of terms for MyData? I think it is absolutely necessary to have clarity on terminology (as some of you already pointed out in the comments to the design checklist), so I am planning to make a MyData and Design glossary for the accelerator. @Iain responds with a pointer to a similar task at the Me2B Alliance.

European Schoolnet

European Schoolnet is the network of 33 European Ministries of Education, based in Brussels. As a non-profit international organisation, we aim to bring innovation in teaching and learning to our key stakeholders: Ministries of Education, schools, teachers, researchers, and industry partners.

Hello Ruby

I want to share with you this resource by Linda Liukas and her superhero Ruby. She is amazing at driving children (and parents) to think about how the digital world works, by breaking the big elephant in small parts and making it very accessible and fun for children.