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Big Data from the South(s): Beyond Data Universalism

This article introduces the tenets of a theory of datafication of and in the Souths. It calls for a de-Westernization of critical data studies, in view of promoting a reparation to the cognitive injustice that fails to recognize non-mainstream ways of knowing the world through data.

Who's making money out of your data? (Video: 3:04min)

Data lawyer Ravi Naik warns we are entering an era where tech companies have as much power as some states.

Motivation of Tech Platforms

Tech platforms are where public life is increasingly constructed, and their motivations are far from neutral.

Empowering Students to Question Their Data Privacy

In higher education, we must work not only toward providing better security around student data but also toward educating students about the need to critically evaluate how their data is used and how to participate in shaping data privacy practices and policies.

How AI and Data Could Personalize Higher Education

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming and improving the ways that industries like healthcare, banking, energy, and retail operate. However, there is one industry in particular that offers incredible potential for the application of AI technologies: education. The opportunities — and challenges — that the introduction of artificial intelligence could bring to higher education are significant.

Digital Wellbeing

Researching the needs of our audience to understand their values in an on-demand, personalised and fully connected world.

Google chief: I'd disclose smart speakers before guests enter my home

Rick Osterloh suggests house guests have the right to know smart speakers are in use before entering.

Digital Dystopia: How Algorithms Punish the Poor

The Guardian has spent the past three months investigating how billions are being poured into AI innovations that are explosively recasting how low-income people interact with the state. Together, our reporters in the US, Britain, India and Australia have explored what amounts to the birth of the digital welfare state.

Addiction and technology: Understanding the links

Are addictive features inside digital products causing a public health problem? Is the attention economy’s model threatening our democracies and individuals’ freedom of choice? How can we measure, map and analyze the consequences of the attention economy on our society? To answer these questions, MyData Geneva hosted an event about “Problematic Internet Use”.

My Data vs Data About Me

Reframing ‘my data’ to ‘data about me’ is a really helpful way to move beyond the simplistic, dualistic and dangerous notion of personal data as a monetisable resource towards a recognition of the inseparable nature of data and self. Another perspective provides this tweet that we are more impacted by other people’s data than we are by data about us. And Viivi recommended this article that explains the difference between market participation and right-based pariticpation.

Support Centre for Data Sharing

The Support Centre for Data Sharing (SCDS) initiative focuses specifically on researching, documenting, and reporting about the data sharing practices, EU legal frameworks, and access and distribution technology that are relevant to organisations, and that imply novel models, and legal or technological challenges.

Vake launches a MyData Accelerator

The Finnish State Development Company Vake launches the MyData Accelerator during autumn 2019 in collaboration with the Technology Industries of Finland. We invite companies, public organisations and others to join the Accelerator – everyone who has enthusiasm and true interest in developing a MyData service or data resources as well as user validation at the end of the accelerator period.

The Creators Of Pokémon Go Mapped The World. Now They're Mapping You

Niantic’s apps certainly encourage gamers to get outdoors and get active, but behind the scenes, Wizards Unite is quietly casting another spell: collecting a surprising amount of data about where you go.

What Would Facebook Regulation Look Like?

The federal government seems increasingly likely to take action on platform giants such as Facebook and Google. Antitrust intervention has emerged as the likely focal point of such efforts.

MyData Webinars

We're starting a series of webinars this fall, with the aim to present different initiatives, projects and services that are contributing to MyData's mission in empowering individuals by improving their right to self-determination regarding their personal data.
The webinars will take place regularly on 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month. First one is already coming up next week on 25th Oct, and will present A New Governance's and Me2B Alliance's work on building a more trustworthy data ecosystem.

GDPR Transparency as a Research Method

Data-driven research is rapidly becoming mainstream across different disciplines in academia and in investigative journalism. One of the key challenges researchers often struggle with is how to obtain good data.

Gestellte Fragen

Minimum Standard for a MyData Operator

I’m interested in the MyData Operator concept. Particularly interested in the minimum viable protocol that would be required to make person switching from one operator to another seamless. In cases where the person wants to be their own operator, will there be open source code that implements the minimum standards to support that?

Questions in Leadership-Elections channel

Viivi started a new channel this week to get to know our leadership candidates in advance of the election. This post summarizes the questions asked and links to the respective answers on Slack:

  • How did you first learn about & get involved with MyData? see 14 answers
  • What is your most significant achievement related to MyData? see 11 answers
  • What are the three leverages that will make MyData really happen in the very coming years? see 5 answers
  • Could you elaborate on your intra organizational skills and experiences? see 5 answers
  • Name one thing that MyData Global as an organisation should do to make sure we make it right? see 26 answers
  • What it means in practice for us to be global and do you see some cases where it would be justifiedto be less global? see 9 answers
  • How do you see the roles, responsibilities and rights of the Board and Steering committee members, the Staff, individual and organizational members plus the hubs? see 5 answers


My Health My Data

Digi.me is involbed in My Health My Data.

MyData Interna

Another busy week in the MyData Universe with more posters and more posts than usually so I start with a short summary of administrative updates:
- a list of MyData members was published (who agreed in their application to be listed as a member publicly)
- MyData made the first VAT (Value-Added Tax) payment to the Finnish Tax Authority
- leadership candidates for the upcoming elections are available now (Slack)
- Meetup is going to change payment plans (Slack)
- the mydata-opeators channel was created by @apoikola for developing the operator white paper and thematic group around MyData operators

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