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General comments for this week:

This week I started to also monitor the #board channel. There a discussion continued about the handling and optimal process for membership applications as well a considerations about the upcoming elections in autum. Additionally, South Korea went through the peer-acceptance telco.

The August MyData Global Newsletter was published this week and if you don't have your MyData 2019 tickets yet be quick before the normal bird prices end on 1st of September. In preparing the conference another volunteer meetup took place in Gofore and a number of open questions were answered there.

Noteworthy Information
Bottom-Up Data Trusts: Disturbing the ‘One Size Fits All’ Approach to Data Governance  show on Slack

Delacroix and Lawrence emphasize the limits inherent in an ownership approach to data: at most, data ownership confers the kind of access rights that are similar to water rights.

Experiment: How private is your personal information?  show on Slack
Antti Kettunen  

A coffee shop makes an experiment where they get free coffee by liking their Facebook page. Then, show them how much data they gather within a few minutes just with a like.

European Data Protection Supervisor passed away  show on Slack

The EU's independent data protection authority informed: It is with the deepest regret that we announce the loss of Giovanni Buttarelli, the European Data Protection Supervisor. Giovanni passed away surrounded by his family in Italy, last night, 20 August 2019.

Steering Group starts preparing for autumn eletions  show on Slack

In general the current board has good vibes and many would like to continue. We will start the candidate recruitment process by asking officially from all board members if they are willing to stand for re-elections. We will also interview their experiences and opinions on “ideal board composition” and in general seek their guidance for the process. Additionally, other aspects like number of board members were discussed.

Towards the Uberisation of Legal Practice  show on Slack
John W.  

Uber and Airbnb signify new ways of working and doing business by facilitating direct access to providers through new digitalised platforms. The gig economy is also beginning to percolate into legal practice through what is colloquially known as NewLaw.

For Ride-Hailing Drivers, Data Is Power  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

Uber drivers in Europe and the U.S. are fighting for access to their personal data. Whoever wins the lawsuit could get to reframe the terms of the gig economy.

Questions Asked
Submit Your Hub's / Group's Information for the MyData 2019 Poster  show on Slack

As a recap, we’ve agreed in the previous MyData community calls and online chats, to develop a poster for each active MyData local hub and thematic group which would present the key highlights of your initiative and a possibility to get engaged. Please submit your information by September 1st!

Apps & Services
Dyne.org Think & Do Tank  show on Slack

Mentioned in the course of a membership discussion during the application of dyne.org

Utopia  show on Slack
John W.  

Beta testers have the unique opportunity to directly impact the development of the Utopia P2P Project by improving its operation, expanding its usability and increasing its functionality, all while earning rewards and enjoying yourself!

Upcoming Events
Steering Group meeting
Dear Steering Group members,

Now it would be good time to meet again and kick start the process for reviewing and recruiting candidates for the Board and Steering Group.

Before the call please read again and comment this earlier draft of the candidate process https://mydata-global.org/board-candidates-process

See you is Slack this Thursday!

Direct link to channel #steering-group : https://mydataglobal.slack.com/messages/CBCAPUFSS

Running memo: https://mydata-global.org/steering-2019

Year cycle: https://mydata-global.org/year-cycle
Celebration hour - Weekly Open Call
*Every friday afternoon, the @staff-members gathers on Slack to celebrate the past week* This week, we’ll try making this an open call - feel free to join. The agenda will be simple: 1. Opening round 2. DONE - What have we done this week that we want to celebrate? (Can be even small small things that have been a stone in our shoes) 3. LEARN - What have we learned this week? What info do we want to share? 4. THANK YOU - Who would you like to give extra thanks to this week? 5. Closing round The call will take 45-60 mins.

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