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Making data portability more effective for the digital economy

This report by the Centre on Regulation in Europe (CERRE) provides recommendations on how to make personal data portability more effective. The authors warn that the current legal framework requires clarifications to better empower European citizens in a data-driven society.

Tornando a portabilidade de dados mais eficaz para a economia digital

Este relatório do Centro de Regulação da Europa (CERRE) fornece recomendações sobre como tornar a portabilidade de dados pessoais mais eficaz. Os autores alertam que o atual quadro jurídico requer esclarecimentos para melhor capacitar os cidadãos europeus em uma sociedade baseada em dados.

'Digital' becomes a top priority for the EU Commission

Today, President-elect of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, revealed the list of nominated commissioners who will constitute the new College of Commissioners of the European Union for the next five years. The least we can say is that she has set the bar very high when it comes to regulating the digital economy. None less than three commissioners have been tasked with overseeing the digital economy within the European Union: Margrethe Vestager (digital watchdog), Didier Reynders (data protection commissioner), and Sylvie Goulard (promoter of the Digital Single Market)

The New Wilderness

The need to regulate online privacy is a truth so universally acknowledged that even Facebook and Google have joined the chorus of voices crying for change.