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Climate Change, Personal Data & AI

Practical use of personal data and AI to save the planet. Using AI algorithm to turn personal photos of forest and nature into a blend of fire and ash to help us visualize the issues of climate change.

気候変動、個人データと AI

地球を救うための個人データとAIの活用。 AI アルゴリズムを使用して、森林と自然の個人的な写真を火と灰の混合に変え、気候変動の問題を視覚化するのに役立ちます。

Business & Government Intermediate read

Finland Leads The Way In The Secondary Use Of Health And Social Care Data (Podcast: 5:19min)

Medical data are considered particularly sensitive personal information. Laws and regulations in most countries, including the USA and throughout Europe, generally aim to restrict sharing such information with the target of building privacy walls around each person’s data. But making such health data available more broadly is key to improved medical care, research and the advance of health science. Finland is the first country known to have adopted an approach to allow third parties to access health data for the purposes of scientific research, drug and health technology development and knowledge-based management in social and health care.

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