Noteworthy Information
Anonymisation Decision-making Framework: 2nd Edition Published

UKAN publishes the Anonymisation Decision Making Framework (ADF) to address a need for a practical guide to GDPR-compliant anonymisation that gives more operational advice than other publications such as the UK Information Commissioner’s Office’s (ICO) valuable Anonymisation Code of Practice.

Estrutura de tomada de decisão de anonimização de dados: 2ª edição publicada

O UKAN publica o Anonymisation Decision Making Framework (ADF) para abordar a necessidade de um guia prático para anonimato em conformidade com o GDPR que forneça mais conselhos operacionais do que outras publicações, como o valioso Código de Prática de Anonimato do Escritório do Comissário de Informação do Reino Unido (ICO)

The Few, the Tired, the Open Source Coders

Here's something for the MyData community to think about: The open source movement runs on the heroic efforts of not enough people doing too much work. They need help.

Os poucos, os cansados, os codificadores de código aberto

Aqui está algo para a comunidade MyData pensar: O movimento do código aberto se baseia nos esforços heróicos de não haver pessoas suficientes trabalhando demais. Eles precisam de ajuda.

Build trust in digital health

The rapid rollout of digital health approaches in the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic has neglected to prioritize data privacy and is a missed opportunity for building users’ trust in these technologies for future outbreaks and quotidian healthcare.

And here another paper: "Patient trust must come at the top of researchers’ priority list"

Crie confiança na saúde digital

A rápida implantação de abordagens de saúde digital na atual pandemia global COVID-19 negligenciou a priorização da privacidade de dados e é uma oportunidade perdida de construir a confiança dos usuários nessas tecnologias para surtos futuros e saúde cotidiana.

E aqui outro artigo: "A confiança do paciente deve estar no topo da lista de prioridades dos pesquisadores"

A Preliminary Opinion on data protection and scientific research

A statement from the European Data Protection Supervisor (lead by Wojciech Wiewiorówski) about personal data protection and scientific research.

The MyData Operator

This week was another planning call for the MyData operator workshop. The session description currently is: 'An outcome-orientated, multi-stakeholder workshop to better define the role of the Operator within the MyData ecosystem. The session will include perspectives from Japanese data banks, US fiduciaries, and global intermediaries with existing public and private-sector practitioners. The aim of the workshop will be to develop the direction and working party for a whitepaper to be published in 2019.'


D-ID Secures Over $13.5 Million to Protect Against Mass Surveillance - “The software platform that removes key biometric data from photos and videos continues to protect industries and individuals”


Coelition provides machine-readable privacy policies.