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EU Takes Aim at Big Tech's Power With Landmark Digital Act

The European Union agreed on Thursday to one of the world's most far-reaching laws to address the power of the biggest tech companies, potentially reshaping app stores, online advertising, e-commerce, messaging services and other everyday digital tools.

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Personal Digital Twins

The European Commission has already issued (and is working on) several documents that set the stage for data policies, from the basic General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) specifically looking at Personal Data, to the Data Governance Act (DGA), to the definition of European Data Spaces (Gaia-X) and the European Digital Identity Wallets (eIDAS 2.0). The EU is now starting to work on Personal Digital Twins governance as a way to protect the individual (privacy) and the whole society in accordance with western values of societal wellbeing.

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U.S., EU Reach Preliminary Deal on Data Privacy

The U.S. and the European Union reached a preliminary deal to allow data about Europeans to be stored on U.S. soil, heading off a growing threat to thousands of companies' trans-Atlantic operations.

Individuals Simple read

ABC to inclusive and gender-sensitive communication

We all have our unique way of communicating and that is what makes us individuals. Along with caring, sharing is one of Wunder’s core values and learning is always beneficial – especially in cases where it can lead to a greater level of empathy and understanding. The following content is for everyone who wishes to learn to communicate in a more inclusive manner.

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Ending the Weekly Digest

This is the 150th - and for now last - issue of the Weekly Digest. It started on June 7th, 2019 as my personal quest to learn more about personal data management. Almost 3 years later here some statistics:

  • 1920 Posts
  • from 242 different authors
  • annotated with 512 tags
  • amounted to 2.95 million website requests from you fellow readers (based on the logs starting in autumn 2019)

Lately, writing the Weekly Digest became more and more of a burden and therefore, I decided to take a break now. A big Thank You to all who participated in this journey: translators, guest contributors, all different kinds of supporters, and readers.

Gestellte Fragen

Business & Government Intermediate read

MyData 2022 Conference: Call for Proposals

One-third of the MyData 2022 conference programme showcases content from the broad community of professionals representing business, legal, tech, and social perspectives. Proposals should align to the thematic focuses of the conference programme (list available at the programme page), although suggestions for additional topics can be made. Submit your proposal through this form latest by 24 April (midnight UTC).


Individuals Intermediate read

Foundations of Humane Technology

The course by Center for Humane Technology:

  • Designed for professionals shaping tomorrow’s technology
  • Self-paced, taking ~4-8 hours to complete
  • Grounded in systems thinking, integrating lessons from sociology, psychology, economics, history with interactive exercises and reflections
  • Part of a community of practice, workshops, happy hours, and guest speakers
  • Currently free of charge, thanks to our generous donors

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