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[Intermediate] Colorado Passes Privacy Bill

The Colorado Legislature recently passed the Colorado Privacy Act (“ColoPA”), joining Virginia and California as states with comprehensive privacy legislation. The good news is that, in broad terms, ColoPA generally does not impose significant new requirements that aren’t addressed under the CCPA or VCDPA.

Colorado aprova Lei de Privacidade

O Legislativo do estado americano do Colorado recentemente aprovou a "Colorado Privacy Act" (Lei de Privacidade do Colorado, "ColoPA"), se juntando a outros estados com legislações de privacidade abrangentes como a Virgínia e a Califórnia. A boa notícia é que, em termos gerais, a ColoPA geralmente não impõe novos termos que não sejam já abordados pela legislações dos outros estados citados.

Mecanismo de busca privado e livre de anúncios

A Neeva, startup com base no Vale do Silício, está construindo um "mecanismo de busca privado e livre de anúncios". Ainda sem o produto público, a startup aparentemente já conseguiu angariar US$77,5 milhões, de acordo com o portal Crunchbase. Eles parecem ter tido uma vantagem com a Greylock - bom para eles - com um empreendedor muito "financiável" no volante. Ainda assim esse não é um valor pequeno considerando que trata-se de um negócio que ainda não tem consumidores nem receitas, e que foca totalmente em privacidade, cobrando uma taxa de 5 dólares por mês por assinatura.

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Ad-free Private Search

Neeva, a Silicon-Valley-based startup building “ad-free private search”, without a public product yet, apparently has raised $77.5 million so far according to Crunchbase. They seem to have had the inside track at Greylock — good for them — with a very “fundable” entrepreneur at the helm, but nevertheless this is not a small amount for what must be pre-customer, pre-revenue or close to it focusing entirely on privacy with a $5/month subscription business model.

Rolling Back Surveillance Capitalism

Are we stuck with Surveillance Capitalism? This blog post describes...

Alternatives that keep the amazing wonders that are consumer technologies in 2020, but don’t invade our privacy, don’t spread misinformation, give us back a measure of control over our electronic lives, don’t set us up for manipulation and help rather than hurt our mental health.

Revertendo o capitalismo de vigilância

Estamos presos ao capitalismo de vigilância? Esta postagem do blog descreve...

Alternativas que mantêm as maravilhas incríveis que são as tecnologias de consumo em 2020, mas não invadem nossa privacidade, não espalham desinformação, nos devolvem uma medida de controle sobre nossas vidas eletrônicas, não nos preparam para manipulação e ajudam ao invés do que prejudicar nossa saúde mental.

Amazon: packages move lightning fast; CCPA electrons take months

Requested my personal data from Amazon under the California Consumer Privacy Act. The company that can get me toilet paper within 2 hours takes a month to send me a zip file?

On Privacy versus Freedom

There’s been a rather interesting disagreement between two guys from Signal and Matrix recently. Many of the points they make relating to building competitive, privacy/freedom-protecting products and the difficulties are quite relevant. Here is the original post from Signal that lead now to the response from Matrix.

Creating a better data economy

Some movement in the venture capital world: Omidyar Network investment partner Magdi Amin about last week’s meeting in Seattle of VCs interested in investing in startups that treat personal data right.

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How do you train a personal AI?

If a benefit of PersonalAI is privacy, where do you get the training data from? @Iain and @Oguzhan Gencoglu joined the discussion and many interesting points were raised as well as current solutions referenced.

Personal Data Organization Landscape

Personal data is becoming a thing in 2020. Not just startups, but also not-for-profit organiations have been popping up everywhere. It’s hard not to get lost and this is a first attempt to map the landscape. Would love your feedback and ideas!

Looking for MyData Startups in or nearby Silicon Valley

If you are an entrepreneur who is currently fundraising, or has been fundraising recently (successfully or unsuccessfully) located in or around or with ties to Silicon Valley, for a company that follows MyData principles, please get in touch with me.

Calling all MyData Startups

Calling all MyData startups: If you work for one, or if you know of an interesting startup company that follows MyData principles (regardless of whether they are a member or not), can you tell us about them?