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Recommended Reading

Two book recommendations:

  • Privacy in the Modern Age: The Search for Solutions (2015) - check out also other interesting books at the EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) bookstore
  • Dead Souls (1842) - An absurd and hilarious satire. Good for the discussion who - if any - owns mydata, or about ethics. And sometimes too close to the real life. More also on Wikipedia
Creating a better data economy

Some movement in the venture capital world: Omidyar Network investment partner Magdi Amin about last week’s meeting in Seattle of VCs interested in investing in startups that treat personal data right.

Money is not the only reward for sharing data online

Sharing data altruistically on digital platforms in the health sector or in research-related environments is seen as contributing to the common good, according to a new report by the Esade Institute for Social Innovation entitled My Data, My Rules: From data extractivism to digital empowerment. The study focuses on digital empowerment and analyses 13 case studies in which people have control over their personal data, with particular emphasis on the experiences of Digital Estonia, Cozy Cloud and MIDATA.coop.

ConsumerReports rejects Data Ownership

“Privacy is an inalienable human right that cannot be traded away, even if a monetary value of a consumer’s data could be assessed.” - via @hackylawyER

Pilot project launch by Sumitomo Corporation

Sumitomo Corporation (Head Office in, Tokyo) has launched a pilot project for “iscream,” a consumer-use personal data management/utilization tool. The project involves commercializing the new proposal selected from among applications for the 0→1 Challenge 2018 intrapreneurship program.

Taxonomy of Definitions for the Health Data Ecosystem

The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and the Information Accountability Foundation (IAF) partnered with the goal to create a framework to enable a better understanding of the current state of the health data ecosystem in one common language and to anticipate where it is heading.

Privacy concerns ground police work

Investigative genealogy helped police catch serial killers And rapists. Now cases are going unsolved.
Investigative genealogy has been celebrated as one of the biggest crime-fighting breakthroughs in decades, but privacy concerns have all but ground its use to a halt.
Be sure to read also the discussion on Slack here

Generative identity — beyond self-sovereignty

Three ways to think about digital identity to help move the conversation forward in line with the AKASHA Foundation's purpose: Naively, Expertly, Generatively.

MyData in the Smart City

The question is not whether a human-centric smart city can be built. The question is whether the citizen will be put at the center of their own data to make a wise city.

MyData Webinar #1: Data Governance (Video: 1h13min)

The very first MyData Webinar took place on October 25th, 2019 and covered A New Governance and Me2B Alliance, that both touch upon the topic of building a trustworthy personal data ecosystem.

MyData Global Community Blog

Read the new MyData community blog post about life after the MyData2019 conference. Find out about all the actions happening during the last part of this year and get even a sneak peek into 2020!

New Privacy Bill In The U.S. Will Now Jail CEOs Who Lie About User Data

US Senator Ron Wyden has come out with a radical new privacy bill that will prevent tech giants from selling and misusing data by holding them accountable.

Google to Buy Fitbit for $2.1 Billion

The deal represents an aggressive attempt by Google to bolster its lineup of hardware products.

Questions in Leadership-Elections channel

Viivi started a channel to get to know our leadership candidates in advance of the election. This post summarizes the questions asked and links to the respective answers on Slack:

  • Should MyData Global be taking a demonstrable leadership position by using MyData compatible tools to manage membership data; and if so what level of priority should be placed on this? see 13 answers
  • The theme of a previous conference was 'make it happen, make it right'. Can you imagine a scenario where the two intentions collide so much that you are eventually put in a position, as elected board member, where you have to cast the deciding vote on whether to dissolve MyData? see 10 answers
  • What can / should MyData Global get from its organizational members - and vice versa, what can / should org. members get from the membership. see 3 answers
Contact for Personal Data Management Technologies

Who is the best person to talk to about personal data management technologies (solutions that allow the keeping, searching inputing and outputing of personal data of end users)?

Statistics on Data Trade

Anyone has statistic on the followings regarding your local market?
- scale of data trade
- transactions of data trade


We're just raising our seed round with Saidot, would really appreciate intros to Omidyar Network investment partner Magdi Amin!

MyData 內部

The Athens Community Meeting is taking place from November 13-15 - please make sure to register and install Zoom in case you plan to participate remotely. Note, that all members will receive voting codes by email.
The MyData Design Group submitted their application to form an official Thematic Group. And MyData Global is looking for a new bank that can handle the international structure of the organization.

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