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Blue Book: Privacy Design Strategies

We want to determine by ourselves which personal details we share with others, and how they are used. We don’t want everyone to know what we do or think. We don’t want our boss to know what we discuss with our friends. We don’t want our personal information to be misinterprete doutside the original context. In other words, we want some privacy please.

SMART CITY: Privacy (Video: 1:16min)

Google's sister company Sidewalk is proposing a large urban development project in Toronto - without any prior development experience. Privacy, privatization and governance concerns are worrying residents and government alike, despite a massive two-year lobbying campaign by Google. Ambiguous language in the proposal suggests that public spaces may not be so public, and that some of the most valuable land in North America may be handed over at a discount to one of the world's richest companies.

Election software used by Boris Johnson and Donald Trump caught in Facebook privacy row

Remember last week when I profiled NationBuilder, the election software used by both Boris Johnson and Donald Trump? Well, it turns out NationBuilder has been buying voters' data from a company accused by Facebook of vioolating its users' privacy.

Identity 2019 conference: Indigenous Data Sovereignty (Video: 41:20min)

The talk by Dr Tahu Kukutai is really good. Be sure to read about the Treaty of Waitangi first.
This Video will help to convey to outsiders what the Maori people understand to be giving up exactly when going online, what it is they care to preserve in this transaction (mana), how and why they want to reclaim it (taonga), and how much importance they place in using their own words in formulating this agenda (and why).

Community Blog: Trust-based data-sharing models

Trust must be integrated into all aspects of business, data sharing included. A data economy based on trust is an essential part of socially responsible activities.

Communication Tools for the Conference

A wiki page that summarizes various communication informations for the MyData2019 conference.

10 Best Secure Email Services to Project Your Privacy

Don't want your email service providers snooping on your emails? Here are the most secure email services that ensure your data remain private.

How I train Facebook to work for me

A data scientist way to control social media instead of been controlled.

Social Programme - MyData 2019

Join us for an amazing MyData after-hours experience: Welcome Gathering, Dinners, Sauna, Afterpart. Eat, Greet - Repeat!


Does anybody of you know more of publiccode.net's work?

MyData vs Self-sovereign identity

What is the difference or similarity of MyData vs Self-sovereign identity? This was asked during a talk of Lasse about MyData in AI and Big Data conference at Oxford.

MyData for non-personal data?

Another question from the AI and Big Data conference at Oxford: Could MyData be used in non-personal data for example the digital footprint of consumers?

How to keep track of local hub members?

I am just wondering, does each hub keep a list of their members? I am assuming that being a MyData Global member is a pre-requisite to being a hub member, which would mean there are members in our #hub-korea channel that are not officially recognized as members by MyData Global.
Are there any guidelines on where to draw the line between active members as opposed to “observers” for local hubs?


I just checked the Terms of Use on Brella's website. Instead of providing the Privacy Policy, they changed the term 'Privacy Policy' to 'Privacy Notice'. Seriously??? Is this the way they want to solve the problem? I'm deeply disappointed.


Coelition provides machine-readable privacy policies.

MyData 內部

This week a vivid discussion about the Privacy Policy of Brella.io (used for booking meeting space and connecting to people at the MyData2019 conference) continued. Btw, if you arrive early to the conference and need space on Monday ping @staff-members (Thanks @Viivi!)

And there are new features in the Weekly Digest starting this week: Data Sources and Tool Ratings. Those are early versions of repositories that aim to bring user curated information about data sources, apps, and services in the personal data ecosystem. Please have a look and let us know what you think - and eventually, send us the Data Sources and Tools you use! Kudos to @Kata for working with me on this.

Finally, I'll be at the MyData conference next week - looking forward to meet you fellow posters and readers of the MyData Weekly Digest!

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