Reclaim Control of Your Digital Life and make money when you share your data. BitsaboutMe helps you to manage all your personal information with full transparency.


Empowering personal data.

A new ethical and sustainable way for individuals to take control of their data and privately share with data-driven apps and services.


Meeco gives people and organisations the tools to access, control and create mutual value from personal data


MyDataShare is an operator platform. It enables requesting in personal data from different sources, against a digitally documented purpose and legal basis, and doesn’t allow access to personal data without individual’s permission.

OwnYourData Data-Vault

Tap into data sources and store your information in a personal vault. Based on that data OwnYourData presents you correlations and insights.


An interconnectable open source PDS (Personal Data Store) server envisioning world wide web of protected data APIs.


Schluss is an app that puts you back in control of your personal information.


The decentralized platform for real‑time data.

Tru is a totally new kind of social media experience – designed to help solve the social media crisis.


VALENCIA.DATA digital ecosystem empowers citizens in the use of their data and allows them to become potential entrepreneurs


Join a user-friendly, transparent and accessible data exchange network. is a cloud-based personal data and consent mediation platform that enables a fully transparent and trustable data sharing economy.


Paspit aggregates your personal data that exists everywhere on your behalf.


You have a right to privacy - also on the Internet!