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O Livro de Atividades do Organizador

O Livro de Atividades do Organizador é um recurso de autoaprendizagem do Projeto Dados e Ativismo da Tactical Tech. O livro é uma coleção de exercícios divertidos para organizadores da sociedade civil que trabalham com dados pessoais de defensores de direitos humanos, investigadores, ativistas e outros que participam de ações sociais ou políticas.

The Organiser's Activity Book

The Organiser’s Activity Book is a self-learning resource from Tactical Tech’s Data and Activism project. The book is a collection of playful exercises for organisers within civil society who work with the personal data of human rights defenders, investigators, campaigners, and others who are taking part in social or political action.

Launch of the Global Citizen Foundation

A foundation similar to MyData with the goal to develop digital competencies within our society, define the values that we all want to see, and work towards a digital sovereignty.

Perguntas feitas

Personal Data Organization Landscape

Personal data is becoming a thing in 2020. Not just startups, but also not-for-profit organiations have been popping up everywhere. It’s hard not to get lost and this is a first attempt to map the landscape. Would love your feedback and ideas!