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How wearable health trackers could disrupt medicine (Podcast)

A new tech boom is disrupting medicine: Health care is turning into a consumer product. We investigate in this podcast how wearable trackers, such as the Fitbit or Apple Watch, could transform health care.

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Real-time alerting system for COVID-19 and other stress events using wearable data (Study, 26p)

Early detection of infectious diseases is crucial for reducing transmission and facilitating early intervention. In this study, we built a real-time smartwatch-based alerting system that detects aberrant physiological and activity signals (heart rates and steps) associated with the onset of early infection and implemented this system in a prospective study.

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The unexpected health impacts of wearable tech

The Verge asked cardiologists, sleep doctors, and sports physicians how all of that data from wearables influences their interactions with patients. For better or for worse, they know it’s here to stay.