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Policy Guidance on AI for Children

As part of our AI for children project, UNICEF has developed this policy guidance to promote children's rights in government and private sector AI policies and practices, and to raise awareness of how AI systems can uphold or undermine these rights. The policy guidance explores AI systems, and considers the ways in which they impact children.

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Smart city in a post-pandemic world: Small-scale, green, and over-policed

On the face of it, the smart city market is bleeding. In May 2020, Alphabet pulled the plug on Sidewalk Toronto, the company’s ambitious smart city project in Canada. One year later, the company scrapped two other smart city projects in Portland, Oregon, and Kansas City. While the trend of large-scale smart city projects seems to be waning, the markets for smart technology, including AI, facial recognition and the Internet of Things (IoT), are rapidly growing and attracting customers from the public sector.

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The Flaws of Policies Requiring Human Oversight of Government Algorithms

Policymakers around the world are increasingly considering how to prevent government uses of algorithms from producing injustices. One mechanism that has become a centerpiece of global efforts to regulate government algorithms is to require human oversight of algorithmic decisions.
Tl;dr it doesn't work.

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Data Rentiership and the Policy Implications

Unlike innovation that delivers new products, services, and markets, innovation as rentiership is defined by the extraction and capture of value through different modes of ownership and control over resources and assets. This shift towards rentiership is evident in the transformation of personal digital data into a private asset. In light of this assetization, it is necessary to unpack how innovation itself might be a problem, rather than a solution to a range of global challenges.

[Simple] 6 data policy issues experts are tracking right now

For the Global Technology Governance Summit, on 6-7 April 2021 six experts were asked: What is the key issue in data policy that is top of mind for you right now?

The technical components of interoperability as a tool for competition regulation

The first paper in this series focused on policy issues. This second paper looks at the technical details and requirements of interoperability in practice. The third paper will analyse the impact of interoperability on phenomena such as disinformation and privacy.

covid19 policy trackers

A global collection of COVID19 policy trackers and data. It covers a diversity of areas like non-pharamaceutical interventions, economic and social policy responses, public attitudes, politics and media coverage.

Let’s Talk Privacy

We interviewed 41 people, from privacy experts to everyday people, to understand their views on privacy and the ways that different policies could impact their work (via MIT Media Lab).

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Share insights that pave the path for MyData

It occurred to me that many are asking for news/insights about government & policy programs that pave the path for MyData. Please share interesting work from your countries and gather these inputs and discussions in the channel #policy!


We provide technology and expert advice for Data collected about People in the Internet of Things.

Pulse Policy

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