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Human Rights Are Not a Bug: Upgrading Governance for an Equitable Internet

This report unpacks and looks at the human consequences of these governance flaws, from speed and access to security and privacy of online information. It details how these flaws especially impact those who are already subject to surveillance or structural inequities, such as an activist texting meeting times on WhatsApp, or a low-income senior looking for a vaccine appointment. Crucially, the report offers recommendations to civil society, corporations, governments, and academics on how to align internet governance with the public interest, including calling on governance organizations to employ human rights impact assessments into the evaluations of norms and standards.

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Wanted: Policy Advisor!

EDRi's Brussels office is looking for a Policy Advisor to support the Policy Team on issues such as platform regulation, cross-border access to data, privacy, data retention, Artificial Intelligence (AI), copyright and data protection.