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Noteworthy Information

MyData Internals

Board and Steering Group


  • A-New-Governance group call was held on Tuesday May 12th, discussing on the next step following MyData Operator Whitepaper release.
  • MyData-Operators group had a call on Wednesday May 13th, talking about self-description of the proto operator. See the running memo.
  • Teemu announced that an open meeting in which agenda is the fundraising for MyData Global will be set on May 20th.
  • Teemu shared “Media skills in the MyData environment of the future” project, which is run by members including Open Knowledge Finland, got funded by Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. In addition to that news, the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Oulu and Turku got altogether 2.25 million Euros from the Finnish government for the “City as a MyData-operator” -program.
  • Jogi are building a slide deck about the white paper contents which leads to very lively discussion on it. The comments in slack are including wide range of topics such as what the reference model characterising MyData Operator means, how ecosystem among various actors will make progress on 'Journey' to interoperability and so on.

#Coronadata MyData is active in the digital response to COVID19 pandemic.

  • Resister here! MyData vs COVID19 call will be set on Wednesday May 21st 3pm CEST(10pm JST).
  • Adrian shared video interview regarding the ethical problem of the Immunity Passports.
  • Paul-Olivier is interested in an asymmetrical epidemiological difference between centrelized and decentrelized system for digital contact tracing.
  • Ignasi contributes to advance COVID-19 Spain project. This non-profit project has an educational aspect that aims to lead people learn how to read many kinds of data on Covid-19 in Spain and understanding the contagion by infographics.
  • The topics around discussion and concern about the Covid19 Sound app with which the aims of the research is to collect data from volunteers in order to inform the diagnosis of COVID-19 by developing machine learning algorithms, based primarily on sounds of their voice, their breathing and coughing.
  • How about your contribution to the online serveys?
  1. John shared "International assesment of COVID-19-related attitudes, concerns, responses and impacts in relation to public health policies".
  2. Paulo shared how citizens have reacted to the COVID-19 outbreak and the measures put in place in the European Union.
  • Mikael shares "The document Draft Council Conclusions on Shaping Europe's Digital Future" released by The Council of the Europian Union, which includes countless references to covid-19 and how the European Precidency is planning to address related apps.

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