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General comments for this week:

This week was still filled with the aftermath of the MyData 2019 conference in Helsinki: Be sure to fill out the Feedback Form and links to the presentations are already accessible via Airtable. The MyData Declaration is now also available in a Korean translation.

Noteworthy Information
Start into the MyData “Electoral Season”  show on Slack

According to the Association’s Voting and Elections Regulations “First general meeting notification will be delivered to the membership at latest 45 days prior to the general meeting. n the notification are given instructions and 2 weeks time for the willing members to step up and candidate for the Board or for the Steering Group.” The Athens General meeting will be on November 15th and the announcement is out now.

The War on Big Tech - Everything is About to Change (Video: 14:03min)  show on Slack

A great video to introduce people to the problem at hand.

Call for Papers: Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference  show on Slack

The CPDP2020 Call for Papers is addressed to all researchers who wish to present their papers at the next Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference. CPDP is an annual three-day conference devoted to privacy and data protection. The 13th edition of CPDP will be held on 22-24 January 2020 in Brussels. Whilst a number of speakers are specifically invited by the conference, several slots remain open to application through an annual call for papers.

Reflections on MyData 2019 Conference  show on Slack

Empowering the individual through human-centric data governance in a world loaded with power-asymmetry: reflections on the MyData 2019 conference.

Data Ownership in the US Elections  show on Slack

Andrew Yang (2020 US Presidential Candidate from the Democrats): Our data is ours - or it should be. At this point our data is more valuable than oil. If anyone benefits from our data it should be us. I would make data a property right that each of us shares.

A Plurilateral “Single Data Area” is the Solution to Canada’s Data Trilemma  show on Slack
Paul-Olivier Dehaye  

Canada (and other countries) faces what can be called the data trilemma, whereby it is not possible to have simultaneously data that flows freely across borders, a high-trust data environment and a national data protection regime; one of these three objectives has to give so that only two are effectively possible at the same time. To resolve the data trilemma, Canada should work with its key economic partners — namely the European Union, Japan and the United States — to develop a single data area that would be managed by an international data standards board.

Europe’s top court says active consent is needed for tracking cookies  show on Slack
Göran Wågström  

Europe’s top court has ruled that pre-checked consent boxes for dropping cookies are not legally valid. Consent must be obtained prior to storing or accessing non-essential cookies, such as tracking cookies for targeted advertising. Consent cannot be implied or assumed.

Biggest Leak of Personal Data in Russian Banking  show on Slack
Maxim Semenov  

Russia’s biggest lender, Sberbank, is investigating a potential leak of its customers’ personal data, the bank said on Thursday, as the Kommersant newspaper reported that the leak may be the biggest ever in the history of Russian banking.

Questions Asked
Job Operning at noyb.eu  show on Slack
Soheil Human  

Our partner noyb.eu has a job opening. This is a unique opportunity if you are searching for an impactful position and a great team to work with.

MyData and Competition  show on Slack

Friends, would you care to point to what you think are the most relevant documents roughly on the topic of “MyData and competition”? (This question lead to a very interesting discussion with a lot of pointers to further information.)

MyData Open Source Projects  show on Slack

What are the most known/active open source software projects and/or communities actively developing MyData based solutions?

Upcoming Events
Peer-acceptance Telco: Madrid
European Data Ethics Forum 2019
My-Ai group telco
MyData Madrid Meetup
For full details, including the address, and to RSVP see: https://www.meetup.com/MyData-Madrid/events/264716060 De la mano de un invitado de lujo, Alessandro De Zanche, exploraremos fórmulas alternativas de monet...
Design Thematic group telco
Celebration hour - Weekly Open Call
*Every friday afternoon, the @staff-members gathers on Slack to celebrate the past week* This week, we’ll try making this an open call - feel free to join. The agenda will be simple: 1. Opening round 2. DONE - What have we done this week that we want to celebrate? (Can be even small small things that have been a stone in our shoes) 3. LEARN - What have we learned this week? What info do we want to share? 4. THANK YOU - Who would you like to give extra thanks to this week? 5. Closing round The call will take 45-60 mins.
Steering Group meeting - Elections Process

Detailed invitation in separate email.

Important links:

Agenda and Running Memo: https://mydata-global.org/steering-2019

Direct link to channel #steering-group : https://mydataglobal.slack.com/messages/CBCAPUFSS

Candidate info and form https://mydata.org/elections

Public Candidate Deck https://mydata-global.org/leadership-candidates-2019

Board & Steering Group candidates - longlist (closed spreadsheet)

Association’s Voting and Elections Regulations http://bit.ly/mydata-voting-regulations

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