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General comments for this week:

I'm currently on vacation and so this issue is late and most probably the next one will be too - but I hope to be on schedule again in 10 days. Although quite a few people have the holiday icon currently shown on Slack, the MyData world is still busy and one major event this week was for sure the release of The Great Hack on Netflix. (On a personal note: this caused a surge of visitors and requests for the services here at OwnYourData and beside writing this weekly digest I try to keep up with the many emails I receive.)

Noteworthy Information
Thematic group: A New Governance

This initiative is a bit particular, with a focus of designing a governance model for a way how to translate GDPR requirements into technical standards. Your contributions on figuring out the governance model are more than welcome - we’ve organised a channel #anewgovernance where you can stay up to date of the developments.

5 data privacy startups cashing in on GDPR
Mikael Rinnetmäki

Companies are capitalizing on the growing global demand for data privacy tools - to meet both regulatory compliance and consumer expectations.

Keynote presenter: Alexander Stubb (former Prime Minister of Finland)
Ansku Tuomainen

Keynote presenter at the MyData2019: Alexander Stubb is the former Prime Minister of Finland and currently the Vice President of the European Investment Bank.

Keynote presenter: Audrey Tang (Digital Minister of Taiwan)
Ansku Tuomainen

Keynote presenter at the MyData2019: Audrey Tang, the Digital Minister of Taiwan is a free software programmer who has been described as one of the 'ten greats of Taiwanese computing personalities'.

Data agency at stake: MyData activism and alternative frames of equal participation

Data activism has emerged as a response to asymmetries in how data and the means of knowledge production are distributed. This article examines MyData, a data activism initiative developing principles for a new technical and commercial ecosystem in which individuals control the use of personal data.

Questions Asked
Test-driving a couple of ideas

What’s your first reaction to the twin claims that super-human, bias-free AI (let alone AGI) is not a) morally optimal nor b) possible? (The two claims are separate but linked. The issue at hand is whether we should try to get rid of bias and hence: a) is it morally imperative to get rid of bias and b) is it even possible to get rid of it.)

Gaming apps and data processing compliance, particularly in app ads

Does anyone have experience of gaming apps and DP compliance, particularly in app ads? (Other than the obvious, start with a privacy first approach etc.) What are the checklist items they need to be aware of getting right?

How to recommend MyData to a company?
Lasse Rouhiainen

What are the first steps when a company wants to use MyData? I would like to recommend MyData to one of my client, but not sure where to start?

Does somebody know what Sir Tim Berners-Lee thinks of MyData?

Solid (Social Linked Data) is a web decentralization project led by Tim Berners-Lee.

Topics for monthly community call

Our next monthly community call is on Aug 16th - time TBD. Would anybody of you like to present some recent developments with others?

Volunteer for MyData 2019
Karolina Mackiewicz

We are looking for fantastic and enthusiastic people to help us 25-27 September. If you are MyData-minded already or want to get to know MyData better, be part of dynamic community and get your ticket to #MyData2019 for free: fill in the volunteer form!

Apps & Services
Support Centre for Data Sharing

A new project funded by the European Union.

GDPR Request Template

Data access requests in the GDPR remain more powerful on paper than in practice. Michael Veale has created a new, comprehensive template letter to help everyone get the most of data rights against controllers large & small, mixing access, portability & more.

Machine Intelligence Research Institute

The Machine Intelligence Research Institute is a research nonprofit studying the mathematical underpinnings of intelligent behavior.

Upcoming Events
A New Governance telco in Slack
MyData Germany meetup
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, liebe Kollegen, hallo liebe Freunde,

mit dieser eMail möchten wir Sie und euch alle herzlich nach Frankfurt zu unserem 1. Treffen zur Vorbereitung der Gründung von MyData Germany einladen.

Persönliche Daten online sicher zu teilen und sie stets vor Missbrauch zu schützen, ist in der heutigen Zeit eine enorme Herausforderung.

Weltweit ist dazu eine spannende Bewegung entstanden: MyData Global (www.mydata.org).

Unternehmer, Start-ups, Wissenschaftler, Politiker, Aktivisten, NGO’s engagieren sich und gehen gemeinsam Wege für einen transparenten, vertrauenswürdigen und menschenzentrierten Umgang mit Daten (s. MyData Declaration: https://mydata.org/declaration/german/). Seit Oktober 2018 konnte MyData Global mehr als 500 Mitglieder und 70 Organisationen aus über 40 Ländern und 6 Kontinenten gewinnen. Seitdem hat MyData Global 20 regionale Hubs vom Silicon Valley bis nach Japan aufgebaut, die sich für die lokale Umsetzung der konkreten Herausforderungen einsetzen. Die EU Kommission bewertet MyData Global als eine der wichtigsten internationalen Initiativen bei der Gestaltung eines neuen Umgangs im „Next Generation Internet“, verbunden mit dem Recht eines jeden auf seine persönlichen Daten.

Wir suchen Mitstreiter, Multiplikatoren und Interessierte, wenn es nun darum geht, MyData in Deutschland bekannt zu machen und, vernetzt mit der globalen Organisation, gemeinsame Aktivitäten zu planen.

Das erste Treffen, um die Gründung von MyData Germany vorzubereiten, findet statt am

31. Juli 2019 von 15.00 – 19.30 Uhr

Jürgen-Ponto-Platz 1, 60329 Frankfurt am Main
Raum „Circle of Innovation“ (befindet sich im „Skydeck“ in der 30. Etage)

Auf das persönliche Kennenlernen in diesem Kreis, auf den Erfahrungsaustausch untereinander und natürlich auf die Diskussion über die nächsten gemeinsamen Schritte freuen wir uns.

Jeder, der diese Mail erhält und kommen möchte, bitte unbedingt per Antwort auf diese Mail anmelden, damit wir planen können.

Bis bald in Frankfurt.

Beste Grüße
Beatrix Reiß und Dominik Deimel

+49 152 088 10 415, beatrix.reiss@mydata.org
+49 160 5858447, dominik.deimel@mydata.org

P.S.: Senden Sie diese Nachricht gern an weitere Unterstützer

P.P.S.: Let’s stay in contact über die neue LinkedIn-Gruppe „MyData Germany“ https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8810419/
Celebration hour - Weekly Open Call
*Every friday afternoon, the @staff-members gathers on Slack to celebrate the past week* This week, we’ll try making this an open call - feel free to join. The agenda will be simple: 1. Opening round 2. DONE - What have we done this week that we want to celebrate? (Can be even small small things that have been a stone in our shoes) 3. LEARN - What have we learned this week? What info do we want to share? 4. THANK YOU - Who would you like to give extra thanks to this week? 5. Closing round The call will take 45-60 mins.

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