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[Advanced] Feminist Futures Helsinki

Join in this online hackathon as a collective space for imagining creative and radical futures. Open to all applicants based in Finland (we will make exceptions for applicants based abroad who feel they can contribute in the Finnish context), no hackathon experience needed! This past year has made the social and economic divides in society (locally and globally) more evident than ever. This hackathon challenges the notion that complex, societal issues can be fixed by technology alone. Feminism asks us to analyse and challenge institutionalised power, to embrace empathy and emotion, and to think beyond binary structures - that's what we aim to do together in this hackathon.

Nordic Smart City Hack

Invitation to Hackathon: From mobility to health, from the big city to your local neighbourhood – what solutions do you think will make our cities even smarter and better to live in?

Nordic Smart City Hack

Convite para Hackathon: Da mobilidade à saúde, da cidade grande ao seu bairro - quais soluções você acha que tornarão nossas cidades ainda mais inteligentes e melhores para se viver?


Founded in Taiwan, "g0v" is a decentralised civic tech community with information transparency, open results and open cooperation as its core values. g0v engages in public affairs by drawing from the grassroot power of the community.