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Data Brokers Know Where You Are—and Want to Sell That Intel

From location tracking to federal law: These firms could track whether you've visited your therapist's office or your ex's house. And without regulation, they're a threat to democracy.

Como os militares dos EUA compram dados de localização de aplicativos comuns

Um aplicativo de oração muçulmano com mais de 98 milhões de downloads é um dos aplicativos conectados a uma ampla cadeia de suprimentos que envia dados pessoais de pessoas comuns para corretores, empreiteiros e militares.

How the U.S. Military Buys Location Data from Ordinary Apps

A Muslim prayer app with over 98 million downloads is one of the apps connected to a wide-ranging supply chain that sends ordinary people's personal data to brokers, contractors, and the military.

Quebec Will Force Uber to Share Your Trip Location Data

Privacy advocates are concerned that the new law can paint an unsettling picture of people's movements in Quebec.

Location History Visualizer Pro

Location History Visualizer Pro processes the raw Google Location History recorded by your smartphone and converts it into an interactive map.


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