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[Simple] Hundreds arrested in massive global crime sting using messaging app

The general definition of trust is the willingness to take a risk relying on somebody else. Some criminals chose to trust a social app without ensuring either accountability or cryptographic assurance from the service provider (FBI).

Centenas de presos em grande operação policial global utilizando um aplicativo de mensagens

A definição geral de confiança é a disposição de correr algum risco dependendo de outra pessoa. Alguns criminosos escolheram confiar em um aplicativo sem nenhuma garantia de responsabilidade ou segurança criptográfica do provedor do serviço - o FBI

Report: Out of Control

A recent extensive whitepaper from the Norwegian Consumer Council that demonstrates the need for alternative ecosystems to connect merchants with consumers.


I noticed that MyData Global uses Doodle for planning of meetings. Now that Doodle is both a paid service AND leaking information to Google and others, I came across DUDLE, an open source application developed by the PrimeLife EU project, that is available as a freely accessible service from Technische Universität Dresden. It can also be used for general polls where it features homomorphic encryption of the votes, so that participants cannot see each others indididual votes.