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A new ethical and sustainable way for individuals to take control of their data and privately share with data-driven apps and services.


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In the media

Christoph Fabianek  

Personal data exchange has joined forces with the Yorz Me2B marketplace to enable users to receive cash rewards and offers by consenting access to their data whilst protecting their privacy.

Ansku Tuomainen  

Today we celebrate the 16 organisations that emerged as the inaugural wave of awardees of MyData Operator 2020.

Tarik Kurspahic  

Check out TFP on Product Hunt - it lets the user scan their social media posts and clean them up and is built on the platform with Private Sharing

Tarik Kurspahic  

We just launched a cool social media app on ProductHunt called myPrime9 to find and share your most popular photos across multiple social media networks using priavte sharing.

Julian Ranger  

Hi all, Julian Ranger here, Exec Chairman and Founder at

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