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The CyberWar for Democracy (Video: 1 hour)

The CyberWar for Democracy: The Role Privacy and Cyber Security Professionals Need to Play - The crisis in Ukraine has amplified the problems tenfold in the emergence of disinformation, attacks on critical and business infrastructure, and the theft of personal information. Long before the invasion of Ukraine, Russia engaged in a disinformation campaign to undermine and create disunity in the West, and this now has increased in scale and effort.

Cyber Security and Privacy communities are now at a point where they can bring together their combined talents to address this undeclared war, as well as the fallout of the Russian invasion. What practically should we be doing? It is essential we understand the threads that weave through the events of the past decade, including the Cambridge Analytica scandal, to understand this cyberwar, and to identify ways in which to combat it.