Noteworthy Information

Developers Intermediate read

Datasphere Initiative

The Datasphere Initiative’s mission is to responsibly unlock the value of data for all. They have been mapping all of the different organisations working on data governance. (Early access of the publication here with password: "Atlas62501" - MyData is on page 52)

Business & Government Intermediate read

The Digital Public Space is still a largely empty promise

The Declaration on European Digital Rights and Principles proposed by the Commission does not do enough for shaping the European online ecosystem as a digital public space, and not just a market. The "Digital Public Space" principle should be expanded upon to secure a stronger focus on societal objectives and collective rights.

Business & Government Intermediate read

Data Spaces in Denmark (White Paper, 17p)

The white paper aims at giving individuals, as well as companies, interested in using open data, a brief overview of where to find data sets in the current landscape.

Business & Government Advanced read

State of Data Spaces (Finish Study, 58p)

This state of data spaces study has been commissioned by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland and conducted by 1001 Lakes.

Paper: Usage Control in the International Data Spaces

The paper is related to by Fraunhofer IESE Usage Control group. From the Abstract:

In the age of Industry 4.0, data exchange between different organizations is an essential prerequisite to add more value to data and to develop modern business models. However, we have to solve several challenges to facilitate a secure and trustworthy data exchange between different organizations. Data sovereignty is a key success factor for data-driven business models. In the Industrial Data Space, we provide solutions to realize a secure and trustworthy data exchange as well as data sovereignty.