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[Advanced] GHP Blueprint Public Review Process

I wanted to share the Good Health Pass Blueprint - we have opened up for public review until June 17th. We would love folks from the community to take a good look at this and give us feedback. Here is a link to the wiki with the document and a form to fill out to give feedback.

Processo de revisão pública do projeto do GHP

Gostaríamos de compartilhar do projeto do Good Health Pass. Nós o abrimos para revisão pública até o dia 17 de junho. Adoraríamos que as pessoas da comunidade pudessem dar uma boa olhada e nos enviar o feedback. O link para o wiki com o documento e o formulário para envio do feedback segue abaixo: :

Internet Identity Workshop

We have been at it for 15 years working to cultivate the space for the community who cares about how people can control their own digital identities come together and move the ball forward on all of our work.

Invitation to DWeb Camp

The Decentralized Web Camp will be from July 18th - 21st and you are invited to join.