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[Intermediate] Data flows and the Digital Decade

A new study commissioned by DIGITALEUROPE and conducted by Frontier Economics shows that our policy decisions on international data transfers now will have significant effects on growth and jobs across the whole European economy by 2030, impacting Europe’s Digital Decade goals: The EU can be €2 trillion better off by 2030 if we secure cross-border data transfers.

[Advanced] GDPR Data Portability: The Forgotten Right

Europe has some of the most advanced data rights in the world, and yet in practice, it is almost impossible to access and move one’s individual data in a useful way. European citizens and businesses can co-create value and strengthen local economies if they can move their data between services. This overview discusses current challenges and proposes 10 solutions to improve data portability in 2021.

About Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for the digital transformation

The European Commission understands the key role that APIs play in the digital sphere, and it is gaining deep understanding aspects of its adoption in organizations. This JoinUp collection presents a series of outputs that investigate on these aspects.

Also check out this publication. Application Programming Interfaces in Governments: Why, what and how

デジタルトランスフォーメーションのためのAPI(Application Programming Interfaces)について


Sobre interfaces de programação de aplicativos (APIs) para a transformação digital

A Comissão Europeia compreende o papel fundamental que as APIs desempenham na esfera digital e está a adquirir um conhecimento profundo dos aspectos da sua adoção nas organizações. Esta coleção JoinUp apresenta uma série de resultados que investigam esses aspectos.

Veja também esta publicação: Interfaces de programação de aplicativos em governos: por que, o quê e como.

We will find you: DNA search can home in on about 60% of white Americans

If you’re white, live in the United States, and a distant relative has uploaded their DNA to a public ancestry database, there’s a good chance an internet sleuth can identify you from a DNA sample you left somewhere.

Can You Put a Price on Your Personal Data?

A US senator wants to oblige big tech to declare to users how much they make with personal data.

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A Bank Run for Personal Data?

Next January 28th is the Data Protection Day, and with some companies in the personal data space, we want to make it a "GDPRmaggedon". The idea is to gather thousands (or more) citizens to request their personal data the same day, with advanced GDPR requests about all their portability data in machine readable format.

Uma corrida ao banco por dados pessoais?

O próximo dia 28 de janeiro é o Dia da Proteção de Dados, e com algumas empresas no espaço de dados pessoais, queremos torná-lo um "GDPRmaggedon". A ideia é reunir milhares (ou mais) de cidadãos para solicitar seus dados pessoais no mesmo dia, com solicitações avançadas de GDPR sobre todos os seus dados de portabilidade em formato legível por máquina.